Oily fish may not prevent heart disease: Study

Often we have heard that eating oily fish is good for the heart. However, researchers have now questioned the validity of oily fish being a part of a heart healthy diet.

Even mild heart disease increases mortality risk for diabetic patients

A large-scale study involving 40,000 patients from 17 centres around the world has found that diabetic patients with even mild coronary artery disease face the risk of a heart attack.

Women tend to ignore heart symptoms more

Partly due to a perception that coronary artery disease is a "man's disease", women are more likely to delay seeking care when heart symptoms strike, a research has found.

Heart attacks more due to nurture than nature

A new study has revealed that heart attacks are triggered more by lifestyle factors and less by genetic factors, suggesting that heart attacks are not as connected to family history as may have been previously believed.

Rare heart surgery performed in KIMS, Bhubaneswar

Doctors at Kalinga Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS), a constituent of KIIT University, have successfully performed a bypass heart surgery through lateral thoractomy approach.

Advanced CT scanners to reduce radiation exposure

The growing use of CT scans could be placing patients at a higher lifetime risk of cancer from radiation exposure, but advanced CT scanning equipment has reduced the danger significantly, says a new study.

Too much alcohol ups stroke risk in men

A new study has revealed that consuming alcohol more frequently than twice a week increases the risk of stroke mortality in men.

Hypertension main link between erectile dysfunction, heart disease

Inability of the artery that supplies blood to the penis to expand and contract properly is the reason behind erectile dysfunction (ED).

Diabetic women under 60 at higher risk of heart disease

Researchers including an Indian origin scientist has found that young and middle-aged women suffering from type 2 diabetes are at increased greater risk of developing coronary artery disease than previously believed.

Gene therapy set to become future of heart disease treatment

A global hunt for genes influencing heart disease risk has uncovered 157 changes in human DNA that alter levels of cholesterol and other blood fats - a finding that may lead to new medications.

Listening to 30 mins of favourite music daily can help improve heart health

Researchers have discovered that listening to favourite music substantially improves endothelial function in Coronary Artery Disease.

Gene therapy offers new ray of hope to severe coronary artery disease patients

In a new study, researchers have got greater insight into the safety and effectiveness of gene therapy to rebuild blood vessels in patients living with coronary artery disease.

15 new genetic regions linked to heart disease identified

Scientists have identified 15 new genetic regions associated with coronary artery disease, a deadly condition which causes plaque buildup in heart vessels.

New test could identify coronary artery disease more accurately

Coronary computed tomographic angiography is a non-invasive anatomic test for diagnosis of coronary stenosis.

Chemical in food containers linked to coronary artery disease

A new study has for the first time established a link between high levels of urinary Bisphenol-A (BPA) and severe coronary artery stenosis.

Century-old heart test beats high-tech diagnostic tools

Doctors still swear by the reliability of the exercise stress test, a technology first developed in 1928, the most widely used diagnostic tool for coronary artery disease.

Real culprit of coronary artery diseases identified

Fat surrounding the outside of arteries in humans—particularly the left coronary artery—may influence the onset of coronary artery disease, or atherosclerosis, researchers at UC have revealed.

Coronary plaque affects women more than men

Women with large amounts of plaque build-up and extensive thickening of the artery walls are at a significantly greater cardiovascular risk than men.

`Good` cholesterol cuts coronary artery disease

The HDL from patients with CAD was found to lack anti-inflammatory effects on blood vessel–lining cells.

`Good` cholesterol cuts coronary artery disease

The HDL from patients with CAD was found to lack anti-inflammatory effects on blood vessel–lining cells.