South African court postpones Malema`s corruption trial

A South African court on Tuesday suspended the corruption trial of firebrand politician Julius Malema, pushing back the high-profile case of a self-appointed graft buster for nearly a year.

Ecclestone accused of `$10 million` bribe

Convicted German banker Gerhard Gribkowsky, a key witness in the corruption trial of Bernie Ecclestone, told a court on Friday that the Formula One boss offered him a $10 million bribe in 2004.

"Conspiracy of silence" in Mubarak trial: Lawyer

A lawyer acting for the families of those killed in Egypt`s uprising against Hosni Mubarak Monday told the court trying him that there had been a "conspiracy of silence" by those seeking to shield the former president.

Blagojevich lawyers say he`s guilty, ask for mercy

After all his claims of innocence and facing years in prison, Rod Blagojevich let his lawyers make an admission that he has so far avoided — that he is, in fact, guilty of public corruption.

Ex-Croat PM`s corruption trial resumes

Ivo Sanader is the highest ranking former Croat official to face corruption charges.

Blagojevich asks judge to nullify conviction

Former Illinois Gov Rod Blagojevich
wants a judge to nullify the only conviction the jury returned in his mostly deadlocked corruption trial.

Trial against former Israeli premier opens in Jerusalem

Former Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert arrived at Jerusalem`s District Court on Thursday for the opening of a corruption trial against him.

Former Fiji premier faces corruption trial

Former Fiji prime minister Laisenia Qarase, who was ousted in a bloodless military coup just over three years ago, faces a trial on corruption charges next week, according to news reports from the capital Suva.

Fujimori corruption trial begins in Peru

Former Peruvian president Alberto Fujimori, who already faces the prospect of spending the rest of his life in prison, went on trial again on Monday.