Captain of ill-fated Costa Concordia has no regret

He blamed others on the bridge for failing to inform him of the situation in time, and then of botching his orders once he tried to steer clear of the reef.

Divers resume search of capsized cruise ship

Divers are searching for bodies or survivors, although it is unlikely any of the 21 missing in the accident could still be alive.

‘Hero’ Costa Concordia captain `saved lives’

A ballet dancer has come forward to support the captain of the capsized luxury cruise ship, saying he saved at least 3000 lives.

Cruise ship captain ‘cried like a baby’ after crash

Father Raffaele Malena said that Captain Franceso Schettino embraced him for about a quarter of an hour after the boat hit rocks.

Costa Concordia captain `misled company, crew`

The Costa Concordia was carrying more than 4,200 passengers and crew when it crashed and partially sank a week ago.