Ajmal Kasab never asked for biryani: Ujjwal Nikam
Ajmal Kasab never asked for biryani: Ujjwal Nikam

26/11 Mumbai terror attack accused Ajmal Kasab's demand for Mutton Biryani in jail was just a myth and was "concocted" to stop an "emotional wave" which was being created in favour of the militant, claimed Ujjwal Nikam, public prosecutor in the case.

Important for society to be involved in counter-terrorism fight: Security analyst

Security analyst Shaurya Doval on Thursday said counter terrorism is not just the exclusive domain of the state and added that it was important for a society to be involved in this fight.

Turkey detains ex-police chief over Armenian journalist murder

Turkish authorities on Thursday detained a former head of national police intelligence on accusations of negligence over the 2007 murder of an ethnic Armenian journalist that shocked the country.

India, Bahrain to sign pact on internal security

India and Bahrain will soon sign an agreement on internal security and launch talks on defence pact amid keenness of the two countries to enhance ties in various areas, including counter-terrorism.

Bahrain keen to deepen ties with India in counter-terrorism

Bahrain on Monday expressed its commitment to deepen ties with India in counter-terrorism, security and defence as its Foreign Minister Shaikh Khalid Bin Mohamed Al Khalifa met Prime Minister Narendra Modi here.

Six French have passports confiscated for planning Syria trip

Six French citizens have had their passports confiscated after allegedly planning to travel to Syria, a security source said on Monday -- the first time the measure has been used.

Pakistan trains school students in counter-terrorism

Pakistani students are being trained by authorities in counter-terrorism which include how to defuse bombs and hide from terrorists, in the wake of the horrific Peshawar school attack that killed 150 people, mostly students, last year.

Barack Obama proposes over USD 1 bn civil, military aid to Pakistan

US President Barack Obama has proposed over USD 1 billion in civilian and military aid to "strategically important" Pakistan for fighting terror, economic development, safety of nuclear installations and improving ties with India among other objectives.

French PM says no `direct link` between Paris attack, Belgium operation

 French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said on Friday there was apparently no "direct" link between anti-terror raids in Belgium and last week`s attacks in France that killed 17 people.

Dutch Jewish school closed after anti-terrorist raid in Belgium

The only Orthodox Jewish school in the Netherlands was closed on Friday as a precautionary measure after an anti-terrorism raid in Belgium left two suspects dead.

John Kerry to meet Hollande as Belgium holds anti-terror operation

 US Secretary of State John Kerry was to meet with French President Francois Hollande on Friday, hours after police in neighbouring Belgium launched an anti-terrorist raid that left two suspects dead and raised fresh alarm in Europe.

Belgium anti-terror operations `over`: Foreign minister
Belgium anti-terror operations `over`: Foreign minister

The Belgian police have wrapped up a major anti-terror operation in which two suspected Islamist militants who were alleged to be planning imminent attacks were shot dead, Foreign Minister Didier Reynders said on Friday.

China backs Pakistan's counter-terrorism plan

China on Friday backed Pakistan's counter-terrorism plan including measures to expedite trials against terror suspects in special military courts.

Bahrain to host major security summit; focus on counter-terrorism

Bahrain will host a major security summit from Friday to Sunday, which will be attended by a number of world leaders, intelligence officers and military chiefs, who will discuss global security, political and economic issues.

'Obama's India trip must focus on trade, counter-terrorism'

Describing US President Barack Obama's acceptance of invitation to travel to India as a "welcome development", a top Republican lawmaker on Friday said the American leader's trip should focus on trade and have a strong counter-terrorism component to it.

India, China to hold army exercise from Nov 16 in Pune

India and China will hold a joint "Hand-in-Hand" army exercise from November 16 in Pune that will focus on counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism tactics, weeks after a stand-off between their troops along the border in Ladakh region.

India, China likely to hold joint army exercise next month

India and China are likely to hold a joint "Hand-in-Hand" army exercise next month in Pune that will focus on counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism tactics, weeks after a stand-off between their troops in along the border in Ladakh region.

MI6 officer Alex Younger named UK spy chief

An MI6 officer has been named as the next head of the UK's Secret Intelligence Service (SIS).

Melbourne shooting: 'Abdul Numan Haider's parents were concerned about his behaviour in recent months'

Abdul Numan Haider, the man behind the stabbing of two police officers, was reportedly being investigated by the anti-terrorism officials and was a “known terror suspect”.

Chinese university to offer major in counter-terrorism

A Chinese university is set to offer anti-terrorism as a major subject to strengthen the counter terrorism mechanism, a media report said.