UAE national awaiting India trial may seek Amnesty help

Alkaz Khamis Obaid Ali, a former military officer, was detained at Hyderabad airport in 2007 and charged with three separate counts of smuggling 26 million rupees from Pakistan to India.

Counterfeit currency: Threat to internal security

The World is observing ‘Anti-Counterfeiting Day’ on 13th June 2012.

Tamil Nadu: Fake currency seized

An inter-state counterfeit currency racket was busted with the arrest of one person in Tirunelveli.

Customs department facing shortage of sniffer dogs

The Customs department is facing a shortage of sniffer dogs to detect drugs and counterfeit currency.

Counterfeit currency seized in Punjab

Two men were arrested in Punjab`s Patiala district with counterfeit currency totalling about Rs 10 lakh, police said on Sunday.

Counterfeit currency: Former defence official held

A Ludhiana-based former defence official has been arrested for allegedly printing and circulating counterfeit currency notes in Punjab and Bihar.

ATS arrests man with counterfeit currency

Uttar Pradesh ATS has arrested one
person allegedly involved in supplying counterfeit notes
brought from Bangladesh and recovered fake currency with a
face value of over Rs 50,000 from him.