40 arrested in Kosovo`s crackdown on terrorism

As many as 40 suspected jihadists were arrested in Kosovo for fighting in Syria and Iraq alongside terrorist organisations such as Islamic State (IS) and Al Nusra, police said Monday.

Thai military junta denies crackdown on foreign workers

Thailand`s military-run National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) Monday clarified that it wasn`t cracking down on migrant workers.

Chinese party newspaper says Western democracy only brings chaos

China`s top newspaper on Monday warned against aping Western-style democracy just a week after the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen crackdown, pointing to Thailand and Ukraine as examples of the kind of chaos the system can bring.

US House urges China to stop Tiananmen censorship

The US House of Representatives on Wednesday urged China to stop censoring news about the Tiananmen Square crackdown as authorities enforced a tight blackout ahead of the 25th anniversary.

Nari Morcha members arrested in Darjeeling crackdown

In the continuing crackdown in Darjeeling hills, two members of the Nari Morcha, women`s wing of the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha, were today arrested in connection with old cases.

UN chief condemns crackdown in Egypt

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Wednesday condemned a police crackdown on protesters in Egypt that he said had left hundreds dead and injured.

Vatican denies internal split on US nun crackdown

The Vatican is denying there are any internal divisions over its crackdown on the largest umbrella group of US nuns.

Gulf states called to ‘halt crackdown on pro-democracy protestors’

A Gulf civil society organisation has called on Gulf states to free all political prisoners and stop the security crackdown on those urging democratic reforms.

Diplomatic inaction ‘emboldened’ Syria: UN

Russia and China on February 4 vetoed a European-Arab draft resolution condemning the crackdown.

Despite observers, Syria`s Assad hikes crackdown

Bashar Assad`s regime would appear to be setting itself on a collision course. It let in outside observers for the first time Thursday.

Syria signs Arab League deal

By signing the deal, Syria is likely trying to avoid having the UN take action against the regime.

Syria`s Assad denies ordering deadly crackdown

The UN estimates some 4,000 people have been killed in Syria since the uprising began in March.

Music industry to crackdown on copyright violations in Goa

A music copyright vigilante authority has threatened to launch ‘Halla Bol’ along Goa`s coastal belt known for its music blaring music.

Crackdown on land grabbings will continue: Jaya

Jayalalithaa said all legal steps
would be taken in connection with landgrab cases.

MCD to crackdown industrial units in housing areas

Delhi government today asked MCD
to crackdown on those industrial units which are operating
from residential and non-conforming areas.

Ex-military chiefs convicted for Bolivia crackdown

Bolivia`s highest court on Tuesday convicted five former top military commanders of won the presidency.

`Syrian troops kill 7 people on Eid al-Fitr`

Syrian forces killed seven people
Tuesday when they opened fire in several towns to disperse protesters on the first day of the Muslim Eid al-Fitr feast.

Anna`s fast: Police to crackdown on rowdy elements

Delhi Police has been asked to
crack down on hooligans who indulged in violence during the
anti-corruption campaign led by Anna Hazare even as two
persons were arrested for beating policemen on duty in the wee
hours on Friday.

Turkey, S Africa, Brazil envoys head to Syria

Envoys from Turkey, India, Brazil and
South Africa are heading to Syria to appeal for an end to the violent crackdown and to promote democratic reforms.

China orders `harsh` crackdown on religious extrem

A spate of deadly attacks in Xinjiang province were blamed on militants trained in