Embattled Mexico police train at US-funded academy

 The mock village perched on a hill in central Mexico looks like a Hollywood set, with a main square surrounded by a hollow town hall, a church and a school.

Delhi court directs Delhi Police to take crime scene pics in landscape mode

The Delhi Police Commissioner has been directed by a court here to order crime teams of all the districts to take photographs of the scene of crime in landscape mode, instead of just the usual close-up or portrait mode, to help courts analyse the evidence found on the scene.

Forensics: A new way to track crime scene invaders?

In a big aid to detectives faced with investigating gruesome crimes,scientist claims to have built up data that may help determine whether marks on a dead body were due to violence or work of insects.

`Presence of accused at crime scene sufficient for conviction`

The SC ruled in a case where the groom was murdered on the very next day of his marriage.

`My transfer not linked to Pune`s crime scene`

Outgoing Pune Police Commissioner Satyapal Singh has rejected suggestions that he has been transferred following a deteriorating law and order situation, leading to a rising crime rate in the city.