Ward off evil with crystals, Chinese coins

We often see people placing a horseshoe above the doorway to ward off evil. There are more lucky charms like bamboo plants and crystals that will make your abode prettier and also bring good luck.

Cheryl Cole gets healing crystals

Pop star Cheryl Cole has been sent healing crystals to help get over her US `X Factor` disappointment by TV astrologist Russell Grant, after she was recently axed from the show.

Jada Pinkett shells $10,000 on crystals!

Jada Pinkett Smith’s fascination with crystals ended with her shelling out 10,000 dollars on them.

34,000-year-old bacteria found in salt crystals

The bacteria, found trapped inside tiny bubbles of salt crystals, could be the oldest living organisms on Earth.

‘Multiferroic’ crystals could pave way for high-powered computer memories

A new research involving ‘multiferroic’ crystals could lay the groundwork for future researchers seeking to develop a new generation of computer chips and other information-storage devices.

How to make ice melt at -180 degree Celsius

A team of scientists has determined that ice can be melted at –180 degree Celsius if the ice crystals contain just 48 water molecules.