Facebook users at more risk of social media scams: Study
Facebook users at more risk of social media scams: Study

Habitual use of Facebook makes individuals susceptible to social media phishing attacks by criminals, an Indian-origin researcher has found.

Cyber threats among greatest national security dangers: US
Cyber threats among greatest national security dangers: US

Terming Cyber threats as one of the greatest national security dangers, the US has said Obama administration has significantly enhanced government's capabilities to address this challenge.

Cyber criminals entrenched in `Dark Web`: Researchers

Cyber criminals are settling into a comfortable place in the "Dark Web" where they test, refine and distribute malware for online thievery.

Twitter resets users` passwords `by mistake`

Microblogging site Twitter reportedly sent emails to thousands of its users, prompting them to change their passwords, but later clarified that the emails were sent accidentally.

`Chewbacca` hack attack hits shops in 11 countries

Cyber criminals reportedly targeted retail shops in 11 countries using a malicious software called `Chewbacca`.

Cyber criminals hack smart fridge to send out spam

A fridge was among more than 100,000 devices hacked by cyber criminals to send out spam emails - in what may be the first proven cyberattack on household "smart" appliances, researchers say.

UK to launch new anti-crime body to pursue organised gangs

Seeking to disrupt organised crime, Britain will launch a new 4,500-strong elite force with sweeping powers to hunt down cyber criminals, drug barons, paedophiles and people-smugglers.

One in five top Australian businesses targeted by cyber criminals

Cyber criminals stole confidential information and financially defrauded one in five major Australian businesses in 2012, a new has revealed.

Top buzzwords used by scammers to lure victims on social media sites revealed

Internet security experts have said top three buzzwords in Twitter - Barack Obama, the Australian Open and gun control - are currently being used by cyber criminals to lure victims on social media.

Banks targeted most by cyber criminals in UAE

Cyber attacks in the UAE mostly target the banking sector, including the ATM and internet banking applications, says the official English magazine of the interior ministry.

Over 270 govt websites hacked during till July this year

Over 270 government websites have been hacked by cyber criminals between January and July this year.

‘Indian defence cos new target of cyber criminals’

Indian defence companies are increasingly becoming target of cyber criminals as they are vulnerable to breaches of cyber security.

Cyber criminals in India creating botnets to capture PCs

Cyber criminals in India are increasingly looking at creating botnets to spread viruses.