South Korea hacking suspect used China IP addresses: Investigators

A suspect in the hacking attack on South Korean nuclear reactors has used multiple Internet protocol (IP) addresses based in China, investigators said on Wednesday.

India lags in addressing cyber security concerns: EC-Council

India is unlikely to meet the target of creating a workforce of 500,000 cyber security professionals in next five years due to lack of infrastructure and investment, an official of security firm EC-Council said.

Equip forces with cyber warfare tools: Kalam

Noting that cyber attacks could cause destruction on an unprecedented scale, former President A P J Abdul Kalam stressed on the need to equip future officers of armed forces to envisage and combat technology-driven warfare.

China cyber capability endangers US forces

Chinese cyber warfare would pose a genuine risk to the US military, according to report for the US Congress.

China cyber capability endangers US forces: Report

Chinese cyberwarfare would pose a genuine risk to the U.S. military in a conflict, according to report for the U.S. Congress.

Pentagon looks for weapons to wage cyber warfare

The Pentagon`s researchers plan to bolster their efforts to create offensive weapons for use in cyber warfare, reflecting a growing concern over digital threats, US officials have said.

Cyber warfare: Indian Army boosts its defences

China, Pakistan hackers reportedly steal nearly six million files worldwide every day.