US tax agency says cyberattacks more extensive than previously thought

The US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) said Monday a hacking attack into one of its computer databases revealed in May was much more extensive than previously thought, with nearly three times as many taxpayers hit by data theft.

US House takes up bill designed to thwart cyberattacks

The US House of Representatives on Wednesday is expected to pass long-awaited legislation designed to thwart cyberattacks by encouraging private companies to share information about the attackers' methods with the government.

South Korea accuses North of cyberattacks on nuclear plants

South Korea`s government accused North Korea Tuesday of carrying out cyber-attacks last December on its nuclear power plant operator, describing them as a provocation which threatened people`s lives and safety.

South Korea nuclear operator says cyberattacks continue, reactors safe

South Korea`s nuclear power operator said on Sunday that cyberattacks on non-critical operations at the company`s headquarters are continuing but the country`s nuclear power plants are operating safely and are secure from attack.

China condemns cyberattacks, but does not mention North Korea
China condemns cyberattacks, but does not mention North Korea

China has said it opposes all forms of cyberattacks, but it stopped short of directly condemning the hacking of Sony Pictures, or of responding to US calls for action against North Korea, blamed by Washington for the assault.

South Korea nuclear plant operator says hacked, but no risk to reactors
South Korea nuclear plant operator says hacked, but no risk to reactors

 Computer systems at South Korea’s nuclear plant operator have been hacked, but only non-critical data has been lost and there is no risk to the safety of nuclear installations including the country`s 23 atomic reactors, the company and the government said on Monday.

US asked for China`s help on North Korea cyberattacks: Official

The United States has asked China to help block cyber attacks from North Korea as it weighs a response to the crippling hack of Sony Pictures, a US official said Saturday.

'Indian organisations lack skills to combat cybercrime'

According to the EY Global Information Security survey, companies are lacking agility, budget and skills to mitigate known vulnerabilities and successfully prepare for and address cybersecurity.

Israel develops digital 'Iron Dome' to keep cyberattacks at bay

 Israel has come out with a digital Iron Dome to protect the country against cyberattacks.

Two arrested in Ecuador for alleged cyberattacks

Ecuadoran authorities said Thursday they have arrested two people for alleged cyberattacks targeting President Rafael Correa.

Hacker helped thwart 300 cyberattacks: Prosecutors

A prolific computer hacker who infiltrated the servers of major corporations later switched sides and helped the US government disrupt hundreds of cyberattacks on Congress, NASA and other sensitive targets, according to federal prosecutors.

White House develops guide to prevent cyberattacks

The White House is hoping to help American industries help themselves prevent cyberattacks.

US seeks `serious` action by China on cyber theft

The US on Tuesday called for "serious steps" by China to stop cyber-enabled theft.

`Chinese Army behind cyberattacks on US firms`

The Chinese army is behind a series of cyberattacks on US companies and institutions, according to a study by a US computer security company.

Abandon Cold War mentality, China tells US

Spokesperson Liu Weimin made the remark when commenting on an annual national security threat assessment report delivered by the US government

Japan govt websites hit by cyberattacks: Report

Police said they believed the websites were hit by distributed denial-of-service attacks.

Cyberattacks on South Korea, US a test run: McAfee

A report by McAfee said North Korea might be behind cyberattack on US, South Korea govt websites.

Repeat of S Korea, US cyberattacks does no damage

Malicious computer codes are used in triggering denial of service attacks.

New cyber attacks in S Korea; sites suffer no damage

Two South Korean govt websites were struck by the second cyberattack in a week.