'Cybercriminals using fake LinkedIn accounts to scam users'

 Cybercriminals are using fake LinkedIn profiles to map out the networks of business professionals to scrape contact information and later use these to send spear-phishing emails, security solutions firm Symantec today said.

WhatsApp security flaw puts 200 million users at risk

WhatsApp security flaw puts 200 million users at risk

A security flaw in Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp has put some 200 million users at risk from hackers – allowing cyber criminals to install malware on their PCs.

Need for central agency on cyber crimes: Study

Amid rising instances of cyber crimes, a dedicated central agency should be set up for all state government agencies to coordinate, integrate and share information related to such crimes, a study has recommended.

Public Wi-Fi can be used to steal information: IT expert

Public Wi-Fi can be used to steal information: IT expert

Public Wi-Fi can be very risky if users are not fully aware of it and could be used to steal private information from consumers, according to a leading IT expert.

Govt, telecom, defence sectors most attacked by cybercriminals

Cybercriminals are increasingly targetting sensitive information from sectors including government, utilities and defence to access public data and other critical information, a government official on Friday said.

Now, hackers may eye your cars' safety features to steal information, extort money

 Motoring experts have warned that hackers can exploit one's car by attacking the safety features to steal information, extort money or even control vehicles.

Manual hijack of accounts leads to severe fin loss: Google

Google said these "needle-in-a-haystack" attacks are very challenging and represent an ongoing threat to Internet users.

New malware can infect iPhones via Mac computers

A newly discovered family of malware has the capacity to infect iPhones via Apple computers, posing a security threat to devices that have been largely resistant to cybercriminals, researchers said.

JPMorgan bank could be latest target of hackers

JPMorgan bank could be latest target of hackers

The largest bank in the US and sixth largest in the world, JPMorgan, and several other banks could be the latest target of hackers.

69% cyber attacks targeted at large companies in India: Report

Despite stepped up information security measures, businesses in India continue to be an attractive target for cybercriminals with as many as 69 percent targeted attacks being focused on large enterprises, a report said here Thursday.

One in three victims of Target card breach could face fraud: Survey

About one in three victims of data breach, like Target Corp`s mega exploit last December, could face fraud, a new survey has revealed.

Cyber security market may reach $870 mn by 2017: Report

Cybercriminals use thousands of networked computers (botnets) to `jam' a website by directing excessive traffic to it, causing it to crash.

Spend less on antivirus software, more on policing: Study

The study by an international team of scientists led by the University of Cambridge recommends that society should spend less on antivirus software and more on policing the internet, a university release Monday said.

India top source of spam in Q3 of 2011: Report

More than 50 per cent of all spam messages in the world during the third quarter of 2011 originated from just six countries, with India accounting for the highest 14.8 per cent of such messages.

Cybercriminals targeting companies` trade secrets

Cybercriminals are now targeting the trade secrets of well-known global organisations.

Cybercriminals forcing internet users to buy rogue software

With more people using the internet,
cybercriminals employ various online tactics to convince users
to purchase rogue security software, to gain financially,
a study has revealed.