Wind farms can tame hurricanes: Scientists

Huge offshore wind farms can protect vulnerable coastal cities against devastating cyclones like Katrina and Sandy by tempering winds and ocean surges before they reach land, a study said Wednesday.

Air pollution boosts NW Pacific cyclones

Surging air pollution from China and other fast-growing Asian economies has intensified winter cyclones in the northwest Pacific, scientists said Tuesday.

AP paddy crop damaged in 1.5 lakh hectares due to cyclones

Andhra Pradesh Minister for Secondary Education K Pardhasaradhi on Thursday said that 1.5 lakh hectares of ready to harvest paddy crop in Krishna district has been damaged due to three consecutive cyclones - Phailin, Helen and Lehar.

India getting aircraft to track cyclones

India is acquiring a weather reconnaissance aircraft in order to ensure better forecasting of cyclones.

Cold ocean cyclones can reduce hurricane intensity and activity

In a new study, a team of scientists has found that cool water upwellings occurring within ocean cyclones following alongside and behind hurricanes are sometimes strong enough to reduce the strength of hurricanes.