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Daisy Lowe not selfie expert

 British model Daisy Lowe is used to having her photographs taken for fashion shoots and by her legion of admirers, but she says she's no good when it comes to taking a selfie.

Harry Styles, Daisy Lowe dating?

Singer Harry Styles, who recently confessed that he is single, is reportedly dating British model Daisy Lowe.

Daisy Lowe supports Earth Hour with new photoshoot

Model Daisy Lowe has been photographed to show her support for Earth Hour.

Daisy Lowe back with Matt Smith?

Daisy Lowe has reportedly rekindled her relationship with ‘Doctor Who’ star Matt Smith.

Daisy Lowe back in shape

Daisy Lowe is back to being curvy after becoming too thin.

Matt Smith was spotted enjoying with former girlfriend model

Actor Matt Smith was spotted enjoying an evening with former girlfriend model Daisy Lowe, leading to speculations of a patch up.

Daisy Lowe new face of Biba

Daisy Lowe is appointed as the new face of fashion store Biba.

Daisy Lowe judges men by their shoes

Daisy Lowe has revealed that she judges men by their choice in footwear.

Daisy Lowe thinks she looks like an elephant

Daisy Lowe thinks that she looks like “an elephant” compared to other models as she’s more curvy than the others.

Daisy Lowe, Matt Smith split?

Daisy Lowe has reportedly called off her 18-month relationship with boyfriend Matt Smith.

‘Topless’ Daisy Lowe goes gaga over Lara Stone’s ‘massive tits’

Model Daisy Lowe who went topless for the Esquire magazine is jealous of Lara Stone’s “perky” breasts and thinks that she has a perfect body.

Daisy Lowe’s parents embarrassed with Playboy photoshoot

British model Daisy Lowe says her parents were not too impressed with her posing in the buff for Playboy magazine.

Daisy Lowe most comfortable in lingerie

Model Daisy Lowe, who recently stripped nude for a Playboy photo shoot, says she feels most comfortable in innerwear.

Model Daisy Lowe to pose nude for Playboy magazine

Lowe will strip off in an eight-page spread of men`s magazine, which is set to be release on August 12.

Meet Daisy Lowe - the latest rock star offspring to go nude for Playboy

The latest celebrity daughter set to be bare all for Playboy magazine is model Daisy Lowe.

Daisy replaces Christina Aguilera as face of celebrity jeweller

Daisy Lowe must have hurt pop diva Christina Aguilera as she stepped into her shoes as the `face` of celebrity jeweller.

Daisy inspires others with sexiness

Model Daisy Lowe says her sexy image can inspire other women to feel confident about themselves.

Model Daisy Lowe wore a dress for six-months!

Daisy Lowe wore a Gareth Pugh dress, her most extravagant purchase, continuously for six months.

Daisy Lowe loves bright skirts

Daisy Lowe will be wearing bright coloured skirts this summer because she likes to embrace the warm weather.

‘Mild lesbian’ Daisy Lowe ‘has a crush on Kelly Brook’

Daisy says that her dream woman is fellow model Kelly Brook, who she described as ‘such a hotly’.