Rooney Mara joins musical 'Ziggy'
Rooney Mara joins musical 'Ziggy'

Actors Dane DeHaan and Rooney Mara have been cast in musical 'Ziggy'.

Ben Kingsley joins cast of James Dean film

Ben Kingsley has joined Robert Pattinson and Dane Dehaan in photographer-turned-filmmaker Anton Corbijn`s much-anticipated James Dean movie.

Robert Pattinson in new biopic `Life`?

Actor Robert Pattinson will reportedly team up with actor Dane DeHaan in a new biopic titled ‘Life’.

Dane DeHaan in `The Amazing Spider Man` sequel

Dane DeHaan has been roped in to star in the second instalment of ‘The Amazing Spider Man’ triology.

Review: ‘Chronicle’ blends genres with clever twists and turns

‘Chronicle’ is a blend of Hollywood`s tried and tested formulas and genres.