Danish cartoonist back home after possible threat

He has been repeatedly threatened since
a 2005 Danish newspaper published cartoons of Muhammad,
including one by him.

Somali `innocent` in Danish cartoonist attack

The man `only wanted to scare` Kurt Westergaard for caricaturing the Prophet.

Mohammed drawing will never die: Danish cartoonist

A clash between Islam, Western culture was inevitable, says Kurt Westergaard.

Controversial Danish cartoonist to publish memoirs

The former Danish newspaper cartoonist who received numerous death threats for his drawing depicting the Muslim Prophet Mohammed with a bomb in his turban is to publish his memoirs.

Danish cartoonist put on indefinite leave following attacks

Danish cartoonist Kurt
Westergaard, who has been attacked and repeatedly threatened
over a drawing of Prophet Mohammed, has been placed on
indefinite leave by his newspaper "for security reasons".

Headley may become `kind` Muslim in jail: Danish cartoonist

The Danish cartoonist, against whom Headley plotted an attack in retaliation for his sketches of the Prophet, has said a long prison sentence would give time to the Pakistani-American LeT operative to "convert to more kind Islam".

Judge extends custody for Danish cartoonist`s attacker

A judge in Denmark on Wednesday remanded in custody for another four weeks a Somali man accused of trying to kill a cartoonist over a caricature of Islam`s Prophet Mohammed earlier this month.

Cartoonist attacker earlier held in Kenya: Reports

Danish media say the man who attacked an artist who depicted the Prophet Muhammad in a cartoon has previously been arrested in Kenya.

Somali charged in attack on Danish cartoonist

An axe-wielding Somali man with suspected al Qaeda links was charged on Saturday with two counts of attempted murder after breaking into the home of the Danish cartoonist.

Somali group hails attack on Danish cartoonist

Somalia`s radical Islamic Shebab
group hailed on Saturday the attack by a Somali on a Danish
cartoonist reviled by Muslims for his drawing of their prophet

Danish cartoonist`s assailant charged with attempted murders

A 28-year-old Somali was charged on Saturday with the attempted murder of a Danish cartoonist notorious for his drawing of the prophet Mohammed, and of a policeman, a court spokesman said.