Gordon-Levitt not part of `Man of Steel` sequel

Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who played police officer John Blake in `The Dark Knight Rises`, says he won`t be a part of the upcoming `Man of Steel` sequel.

Tom Hardy to replace Daniel Craig as James Bond?

Tom Hardy is reportedly being lined up as Daniel Craig`s successor once the actor steps down from his role as big screen spy `James Bond`.

Christian Bale rules out Batman reprise

Christian Bale, who is known to have essayed caped crusader Batman in the ‘Dark Knight’ movie trilogy, says he is not playing the character in the forthcoming film ‘Justice League’.

Why so serious? Add fun, spunk to everyday things!

How about using an ashtray in the shape of a squat toilet, a mini bean bag as a phone rest, or a tray which gives you Batman-shaped ice-cubes?

Anne Hathaway to star in `Interstellar`

Anne Hathaway is set to reunite with `The Dark Knight Rises` director Christopher Nolan on his new blockbuster `Interstellar`.

James Holmes ready to plead guilty in Colorado massacre

James Holmes allegedly killed 12 people during the screening of `The Dark Knight Rises` at a movie hall in Colorado, United States.

Christian Bale in new avatar for untitled project

Christian Bale has been spotted in a new avatar for filmmaker David O Russell`s untitled film.

Shootout-hit Colorado movie theatre reopens in US

The Colorado theatre where a shootout last year killed 12 people and injured dozens reopened on Thursday.

`Colorado shooting suspect James Holmes to face trial`

A US judge ruled that there is enough evidence for suspect James Holmes to face trial for the cinema shootings.

Henry Cavill to star in `Godzilla`?

Henry Cavill has been shortlisted to star in the new ‘Godzilla’ film.

Colorado shooter shot self-portraits before theatre attack

James Holmes used a cell phone to take self-portraits the night that police say he shot up a Colorado theatre last year.

Colorado shooter James Holmes was `relaxed, detached`

James Holmes, the man who staged the Colorado shooting massacre during midnight screening of ‘the Dark Knight Rises’ was “very very relaxed” and “detached from things”, police officers who arrested him, testified in the hearing.

Colorado shooting victims’ families slam US theatre

A US movie hall where 12 people were gunned down by the ‘Batman obsessed’ killer, James Holmes, had invited relatives of victims to re-opening ceremony.

‘The Dark Knight Rises’: Talking about her role makes Anne Hathaway cry

Anne Hathaway gets emotional whenever she talks about her role in "The Dark Knight Rises", and says she won`t mind doing it again.

US: Holmes called hotline minutes before crime

James Holmes, the suspected shooter in Colorado cinema massacre, had called a University of Colorado emergency number before shooting.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt injured, gets 31 stitches

Joseph Gordon-Levitt was injured on the sets of a movie when the stunt he was performing went wrong and had to receive 31 stitches.

Colorado suspect made threat in March: Prosecutors

Newly-filed court records allege that James Holmes told a classmate he wanted to kill people four months before the Colorado shooting.

‘Dark Knight’ killer made threats before massacre

James Holmes allegedly killed 12 people during the screening of ``The Dark Knight Rises`` at a movie hall in Colorado, United States.

US man indicted in Batman movie weapons case

A US man arrested with a loaded gun, ammunition and knives at a showing of the latest Batman movie has been indicted on three weapons counts.

`The Bourne Legacy` tops weekend box office with $40.3m opening

Jeremy Renner’s action tale ‘The Bourne Legacy’ took over ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ as the number one movie at the weekend box office.