Tillari project: Maha govt to blame for delay in payment of relief, says Goa

Goa has blamed the Maharashtra government for the delay in the handing out of compensation packages to people displaced by the Tillari irrigation project across both the states.

Engineer's suicide: Don't blame MLA for it, says Goa minister

Two days after an assistant engineer allegedly committed suicide, Goa minister Dayanand Mandrekar on Tuesday said an elected representative should not be held responsible if an official takes the extreme step just because he is scolded by the MLA.

Goa to implement Food Security Bill by September 15

The crucial Food Security Bill will be implemented in Goa by September 15 this year, a minister told the state legislative assembly here on Monday.

Ok to slap slack officials, says Goa minister

It is OK to slap government officials who do not work efficiently, according to Goa Civil Supplies Minister Dayanand Mandrekar.