Nepalese parties deadlocked over govt formation

Nepal`s major parties on Saturday
stepped up consultations in a bid to form a national government.

Talks deadlocked, Gujjars to continue stir

The latest round of talks between
Gujjars and the Rajasthan government broke down today after
which community leaders threatened to continue their agitation
till their demand for five per cent quota in state jobs was

Gujjar stir: Govt sets up committee, talks deadlocked

Complying with the HC directive, the Rajasthan govt tonight set up a committee
to look into the demand of Gujjars for five per cent quota in
state jobs even as talks to reach an agreement on the issue
remained deadlocked.

Thai politics deadlocked as protesters create blood art

Thailand was mired in political
deadlock on Sunday as demonstrators used their own blood to create a giant piece of protest art after refusing talks with the