Wreckage of missing US helicopter found in Nepal; no survivors

The wreckage of a US military helicopter lost on an earthquake relief mission in Nepal was found on Friday high on a mountainside, with all eight on board presumed dead, U.S. officials said. 

Earth and Moon came from same material: Scientists
Earth and Moon came from same material: Scientists

Sharing a fresh view of how the Moon was formed, a team of scientists at University of Maryland has generated a new isotopic fingerprint -- the geological equivalent of a DNA "fingerprint" -- of the Moon suggesting that the Earth and its satellite were formed from the same foreign body.

Debris washing up in US 4 years after Japan tsunami

Four years after a deadly earthquake and tsunami struck Japan, debris is still washing ashore in the Northeastern US states of Oregon and Washington.

Indonesia finds large dark object presumed to be AirAsia jet

A sonar image showing a large, dark object under the sea was presumed to be the missing AirAsia plane, an official with Indonesia`s search and rescue agency said on Wednesday.

Disaster response robots to discern between humans and rubble
Disaster response robots to discern between humans and rubble

Researchers have developed a new algorithm that allows robots to differentiate between humans and debris while carrying out search and rescue operations following a natural disaster.

8 dead, 13 missing in Hiroshima landslide

Eight people died and at least 13 were missing after rain-sodden hills in the outskirts of Hiroshima gave way early on Wednesday in at least five landslides.

`No chance` of finding 159 Nepal landslide victims

There is no chance of finding any of the more than 150 people who are believed to have been buried by a massive landslide in northern Nepal, an official said today as rescuers struggled to dig through piles of rock, mud and trees.

Nearby star`s icy debris suggests `shepherd` planet

Astronomers exploring the disk of gas and dust around a nearby star have uncovered a compact cloud of poisonous gas formed by ongoing rapid-fire collisions among a swarm of icy, comet-like bodies.

How debris of 2011 tsunami in Japan affected North Pacific ocean waters

The amount of debris drifting after the tragic 2011 tsunami in Japan gave scientists Nikolai Maximenko and Jan Hafner a unique chance to learn about the effects of the ocean and wind on floating materials as they move across the North Pacific Ocean.

Prototype robot that can find victims trapped under debris developed

With earthquakes and other natural calamities posing as major threats to the world, a city-based non-profit organisation Hyderabad Science Society (HSS) has developed prototype of a robot that can help in finding victims trapped under debris after disasters.

Falling debris of China`s Moon rover damages houses

Large pieces of debris from the rocket carrying China`s first Moon rover landed in a village more than a thousand kilometres from the launch site, damaging two houses.

Cyclone Phailin: Govt sets deadline for removal of debris in Odisha

The government has set December 10 as deadline for removal of debris from the cyclone-ravaged villages of Ganjam district in Odisha.

Delhi, UP police should prevent waste dumping into Yamuna: NGT

The National Green Tribunal (NGT) today asked Delhi and Uttar Pradesh police to deploy adequate staff to prevent dumping of waste and debris into Yamuna river.

Invasive aliens from Japan pose threat

Invasive alien species are the biggest potential threat to areas receiving the debris from the Japan earthquake and tsunami that happened two years ago, Environment Canada said.

Bad weather hampers debris removal at Kedarnath

Bad weather today stalled debris clearance operations by a 61-member team at Kedarnath and construction of a pedestrian route from Rambada to the Himalayan shrine even as attempts were on to transport relief to calamity-hit areas.

NGT prohibits dumping of rubble in ridge area

National Green Tribunal today prohibited dumping of debris in reserved forest area of the ridge here and directed the DDA and the Public Works Department (PWD) to remove the rubble thrown there.

Kasturba Gandhi hospital wing collapses in Bhopal; 2 dead, 14 hurt

At least two people were confirmed dead by late Friday evening as a portion of women’s ward at Kasturba Gandhi hospital collapsed here. The collapse injured 14 people, including patients.

Building collapses, 4 believed to have been trapped in debris

Four persons are believed to have been trapped inside the debris of a building, which collapsed in a residential area.

ISS moves up and out of way of debris

The International Space Station has moved up and out of the way of a softball-sized piece of space junk.

Was that Santa up there? No, Soyuz rocket debris

A ball of light streaked across
the night sky in Europe when many imagined
that Father Christmas was doing his rounds.