Hawaii to get massive floating fish farms

A US firm has started work on huge floating cages that will hold 1,000 tonnes of fish in the deep sea off Hawaii`s coast.

Life on Earth may have originated at deep sea vents millions of years ago

In the race to know how life finally originated on earth, a thrilling research now reveals that simple metabolic reactions emerged near ancient seafloor hot springs, enabling the leap from a non-living to a living world.

Bacteria that haven’t eaten for 86 million years found

Researchers including one of Indian origin have discovered deep-sea bacteria at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean that can almost survive without food - they haven’t eaten for an incredible 86 million years.

Explore the sea with underwater technology

New technology sensors planted five km deep can now enable humans to explore the sea, say researchers.

Man fishes out lost wedding ring from deep ocean

A New Zealand man has been dubbed the Lord of the Ring after he searched and found his wedding ring more than a year after it slipped off his finger and sank to the sea floor.