JC Chandor to helm `Deepwater Horizon`

`Margin Call` director JC Chandor is in talks to helm `Deepwater Horizon`, film on the 2010 explosion of the oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico that caused a massive offshore oil spill.

Now, ‘microsubmarines’ to help clean up oil spills

Scientists have designed and successful tested the first self-propelled “microsubmarines” that can pick up droplets of oil from contaminated waters and transport them to collection facilities.

Bacteria removed spilled methane from Gulf

A sudden bloom of bacteria after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill helped clean up the methane gas that was also released into the Gulf of Mexico, according to a new report.

Oil rig blast: 11 missing workers may not have escaped

Eleven workers missing from an offshore oil platform may not have escaped after a massive explosion, officials said on Thursday.

Oil rig explodes off Louisiana coast, 11 missing

An explosion rocked an offshore oil drilling platform, sending a column of fire into the sky and touching off a frantic search at sea on Wednesday for 11 missing workers.