PM Modi for indigenous manufacturing to cut defence budget by 50%

Noting that India imports defence equipment in large quantity, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday emphasised on indigenous manufacturing to help slash the defence budget by 50 per cent within a decade.

China's military budget over three times that of India: Pentagon

China has significantly increased its defence budget which is now more than three times that of India, the Pentagon has said.

France increases defence budget post-attacks

President Francois Hollande announced on Wednesday that France would increase its defence budget by close to four billion euros over four years, in response to extremist threats after the Paris jihadist attacks.

France increases defence budget post terror attacks: Hollande

 President Francois Hollande announced Wednesday that France would increase its defence budget by close to four billion euros over four years, in response to extremist threats after the Paris jihadist attacks.

China says 2015 defence budget to rise about 10 percent

 China`s defence budget this year will rise about 10 percent compared with 2014, the spokeswoman for the country`s parliament said on Wednesday, outpacing the slowing Chinese economy as the country ramps up investment in high-tech equipment.

Union Budget 2015: Defence allocation increased by 9.87%

Government on Saturday increased the defence budget by 9.87 per cent to Rs 2.46 lakh crore for the next fiscal as compared to the revised estimates of Rs 2.22 lakh crore for 2014-15 as it pushes 'Make in India' initiative to curtail over-dependence on imports.

As US faces new threats, Pentagon seeks bigger defence budget

 Facing new security challenges in the Middle East and Ukraine, the Obama administration on Monday proposed an increased $534 billion Pentagon base budget plus $51 billion in war funds as it urged Congress to end cuts it says erode US military power.

DNA: US President appreciates PM Modi's clean India initiative

US President Barack Obama on Monday appreciated PM Modi's initiatives for a clean India, praising his Swachh Bharat Abhyaan.
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Japan approves biggest ever defence budget amid Asia tensions

Japan approved its largest-ever defence budget for the next fiscal year on Wednesday, as hawkish Prime Minister Shinzo Abe looks to strengthen surveillance of territorial waters in the face of a continuing spat with China.

Pakistani daily concerned over India`s hiked defence budget

New Delhi`s rationale for increasing the defence budget is "consistent with the shift in the Indian government`s ideology to more nationalistic elements under Prime Minister Narendra Modi", said a Pakistani daily Monday.

China under-reported defence budget by 20 percent: Pentagon

China underestimated its growing defence budget by nearly 20 percent with its spending likely nearing USD 145 billion last year, the Pentagon has said.

Opaque Chinese military spending a `concern`: Japan

China`s opaque spending on its huge and growing military is a "concern" for the world community, Japan said Wednesday, after Beijing revealed another double digit budget hike.

China`s 2014 defence budget to rise over 12 percent

China will raise its official defence budget by 12.2 percent this year, the finance ministry said Wednesday, another double-digit increase in the rising power`s military spending that alarms its neighbours.

BSF gets Rs 3,664 cr for infrastructure development

A Rs 3,664.61 crore project for development of infrastructure at various establishments of the Border Security Force was approved by the government on Saturday.

Pakistan increases defence budget by 15 percent

Pakistan`s cash-strapped new government announced a hefty 15 percent hike in its defence budget to Rs 627 billion.

Consider pre-CVC vetting to avoid murky deals: Parliamentary panel

Involvement of Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) in defence deals can help avoid "murky" deals and blacklisting of firms, a Parliamentary Panel has said.

Pakistan finalises defence budget of over Rs 600 bn for 2013-14

The Pakistan government has finalised a defence budget of Rs 627 billion for next financial year.

Imran Khan opposes cut in Pak defence budget

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan has opposed cuts in Pakistan`s defence budget saying the country is in a vulnerable state and is fighting on both its borders.

Pak govt gave military Rs 687 bn over annual budget

An annual grant of about Rs 200 billion was kept under wraps for years by the government led by the Pakistan People`s Party.

What India should learn from Beijing?

China’s rapidly rising military spending has raised eyebrows in the Indian policy circles.