Monkeys spreading malaria in Malaysia!
Monkeys spreading malaria in Malaysia!

The majority of malaria hospitalisations in Malaysia are now caused by a dangerous and potentially deadly monkey-borne parasite once rarely seen in humans, according to a research by a Malaysia-based Indian scholar.

Google offers free access to satellite images
Google offers free access to satellite images

Tracking melting glaciers, deforestation or disappearing elephants has been made easier as Google has now allowed access to real time, updated satellite images through its Skybox programme.

Bihar aims at enhancing its green cover to 20%: Manjhi

Highlighting the adverse impact of deforestation, Bihar Chief Minister Jitan Ram Manjhi on Thursday said his government has set a target to increase the state's green cover to 20 per cent.

Study urges 15-year plan for low-carbon growth

The world can save both financial and environmental costs by shifting toward a low-carbon economy over the next 15 years, a high-level panel said today ahead of a UN summit.

Amazon deforestation up 29% in 2013: Brazil

Deforestation in the Amazon rose 29 percent between August 2012 and July of last year to 5,891 square kilometers (2,275 square miles), Brazilian officials said Wednesday, posting an amended figure.

Brazil police arrests 'deforestation gang' in Amazon rainforest
Brazil police arrests 'deforestation gang' in Amazon rainforest

Zee Media Bureau/Shruti Saxena

New Delhi: Brazil police on Friday arrested a gang who have carried out the worst environmental crimes of performing deforestation in the Amazon region.

Indonesia now country with world`s highest deforestation rate

Indonesia has double the deforestation rate in Brazil and has become the largest destroyer of forests housing some of the world`s most endangered species.

World`s forests could hold 20% more carbon than previously thought: Study

The world`s forests could hold 20 percent more carbon than previously thought, according to a study released on Tuesday.

Brazil scientists warn on dwindling jaguar population

The jaguar could soon become extinct in Brazil`s tropical Atlantic forest, threatening the shrinking primitive forest itself, Brazilian scientists warned Monday.

UN meet agrees on measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

The UN Climate Change Conference here has agreed on a set of measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation and degradation of forests but negotiators from 195 nations were stuck on curbing global warming and finance for a Green Climate Fund.

Google Earth maps forest change across the globe

A high-resolution global map of forest extent, loss and gain has been developed the help of Google Earth by a group of scientists.

Deforestation of Brazil`s Amazon jumps 28 percent

The Brazilian government said Thursday that deforestation of its Amazon rainforest rose by 28 percent over the period of August 2012 to July 2013.

More than 400 new species discovered in Amazon rainforest

A monkey which purrs when contented, a vegetarian piranha, a shy lizard---these are some of the amazing new species discovered over the past four years in the Amazon rainforest.

Global reforestation unlikely in future

Unless new technological advances increase yields, or strategies to decrease food consumption are introduced, a switch to global reforestation remains unlikely.

Armageddon looming for rainforest mammals within next 25 years

Scientists have claimed that species living in rainforest fragments could be far more likely to disappear than it was previously thought.

Loss of microbes in deforestation harming Amazon

Researchers have sounded alarm bells over the loss of microbes helping preserve the Amazon ecosystem following its systematic deforestation.

`Forests face threat from illegal encroachment`

India`s forests are not only facing threat from mining, they are also being ravaged due to illegal human encroachment.

Climate change, deforestation behind collapse of ancient Maya

The ancient Maya in this hilly and riverless region confronted long-term climatic aridification.

Forest fire burning 3085 hectares in Russia

Twenty one forest fires are burning on a total of 3,085 hectares including 2,600 hectares in Buryatia and 485.7 hectares in Khabarovsk territory, officials said.

Natural teak forests declining worldwide: UN

Asia holds over 90 percent of the world`s teak resources, and India alone manages 38 percent of the world`s planted teak forests.