Madhya Pradesh offers to supply Delhi with additional electricity

Madhya Pradesh, which is an energy surplus state, offered to provide electricity to Delhi on Tuesday, in addition to the 231.5 MW of electricity, which it already supplies to the national capital.

Violent protests in Delhi over power outages

Violent protests broke out today in several areas in the national capital against power cuts which continued to make life difficult for people in the sweltering heat on a day the city recorded the highest electricity demand in the current year.

Delhi`s power economics not so simple!

Only a proper cost audit by an independent agency can ascertain if there is, indeed, scope for a large cut in capital`s power tariff - which AAP promises to halve.

Delhi: Power woes mount as Dadri plant trips

The power situation in the national capital worsened on Friday when supply from Dadri plant dropped by around 1,000 MW due to technical problems.