Mongolian MPs open talks to choose new PM: official

Mongolian lawmakers will meet Friday to start talks on choosing a new prime minister for the resource-rich country, an official told AFP, but observers say it could take weeks to fix the fractured government.

Barack Obama, Republicans vow cooperation with a dash of defiance
Barack Obama, Republicans vow cooperation with a dash of defiance

With US mid-term elections turning the tide in favour of the Republicans, President Barack Obama on Wednesday appeared to seek common ground and work together with the rivals for America's prosperity. 

US mid-terms 2014: Republicans conquer Senate; tough times ahead for Barack Obama?
US mid-terms 2014: Republicans conquer Senate; tough times ahead for Barack Obama?

Riding on a wave of seething discontent among voters, coupled by plummeting approval ratings for President Barack Obama, the Republicans romped to victory in US mid-term elections, winning the Senate for the first time in eight years.

Post poll changes in Obama's foreign policy ruled out

With opinion polls predicting a Democratic Party defeat in the mid-term polls, the White House has ruled out any change in President Barack Obama's foreign policy as a long-term India watcher said a Republican- dominated Congress is unlikely to affect India-US ties.

As Hillary Clinton stumps for Democrats, 2016 looms large

Hillary Clinton hit the campaign trail Wednesday in support of a Democratic Senate hopeful, but she sounded every inch like the prospective frontrunner for the 2016 presidential race.

Obama hits campaign trail in delicate balancing act

Less than three weeks before key mid-term elections, US President Barack Obama on Wednesday finally hits the campaign trail, an event signaling a delicate balancing act for his Democratic party.

Hong Kong authorities accused of hiring thugs after clashes

Dozens of masked men rushed barricades at Hong Kong's main pro-democracy site on Monday, sparking renewed accusations that authorities are using hired thugs to disperse demonstrators.

Berlusconi still haunts Italy`s political scene thanks to Renzi

 Silvio Berlusconi`s political career was declared all but over earlier this year as legal woes and poor voting figures took their toll, but the media magnate continues to haunt Italy`s corridors of power thanks to Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. 

Barack Obama delays immigration action, angering advocates

 President Barack Obama will wait until after November`s midterm elections to reform the US immigration system with his executive power, seeking to shield lawmakers crucial to Democratic Party hopes of clinging on to the Senate.

Europeans must stay in Libya if they want global role: Renzi

European nations must stay in Libya if they are serious about tackling major global issues, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said.

Italy`s Renzi crushes eurosceptics in surprise EU win

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi scored a dramatic victory against eurosceptics in weekend EU elections that will give his centre-left Democratic Party a leading voice in Europe and bolster his ambitious reform programme.

Democrats rush to get rid of tainted Sant Singh Chatwal donations

With Indian-American hotel magnate, the high-profile Sant Singh Chatwal, pleading guilty to federal campaign finance fraud, several prominent Democratic leaders are rushing to return or donate to charity cash collected by their major fund-raiser.

Italian PM announces 10 billion euros in tax cuts

New Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi today announced ten billion euros worth of tax cuts in the first major economic announcement since he came to power last month.

Italy`s PM nominee Renzi races to form coalition

Italy`s new prime minister designate Matteo Renzi began talks on Tuesday to try to form a coalition, a day after promising quick reforms to get the eurozone`s third biggest economy moving again.

Matteo Renzi to be picked as Italy`s youngest PM

Italian leftist leader Matteo Renzi is to be nominated Italy`s youngest-ever prime minister on Monday after a daring power grab that has been welcomed by investors but has left many Italians skeptical.

Italy`s Renzi readies for power but faces daunting task

Matteo Renzi is one step from becoming Italy`s youngest-ever prime minister after swiftly dispatching Enrico Letta in a party coup, but the manner of his political triumph could make it harder to carry out the bold reforms needed to resurrect the economy.

Italian government in crisis as PM Letta fights calls to go

Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta faces a showdown with his own centre-left party that could lead to his resignation.

Matteo Renzi becomes Italy`s new centre-left leader

Italy`s main centre-left Democratic Party on Sunday confirmed the mayor of Florence, Matteo Renzi, as its leader in a major shake-up of the political scene after the sidelining of Silvio Berlusconi.

US shutdown: Obama rejects proposed debt plan by Republicans

The White House on Tuesday dismissed a possible plan by the Republicans that could have put an end to the US shutdown and end the political deadlock.

Hillary Clinton to `seriously think` about running for presidential bid in 2016

Former US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has reportedly said that she will begin to `seriously think` about running for the presidential bid next year.