Japanese firm develops test kit for dengue

A biomedical venture firm in Japan has developed a new test kit to diagnose dengue in short time, which is likely to help prevent further spread of dengue infection.

Experts warn about temporary 'spikes' caused by 'dengue vaccine'

Scientists have warned that dengue vaccines could cause short-term but major spikes in the years after they are first used.

Japan confirms first dengue fever infections in 70 years

Japanese health officials said on Thursday that three young people have contracted dengue fever, the first such infections in the country in nearly 70 years.

Campaign launched against dengue in Delhi

A month-long campaign using videos, folk media, pamphlets and cleanliness drive was launched in Delhi Thursday to educate people about dengue and its symptoms.

Mosquito terminator to check dengue

South Delhi Municipal Corporation, in association with Northern Railway, will launch a "mosquito terminator" Friday to prevent the spread of dengue at railway platforms.

First dengue vaccine shows promise

A potential new dengue vaccine - the first to reach phase 3 clinical testing - has demonstrated that it provides 56 per cent protection against the disease in Asian children, according to a new research.

Now, bug sensors to help save crops

Scientists have developed an inexpensive wireless sensor to classify different insect species with up to 99 per cent accuracy, that could help protect crops from insect damage and limit the spread of insect-borne diseases such as malaria and dengue fever.

Dengue fever could soon be history

New research by a University of Colorado School of Medicine researcher and colleagues may help scientists develop treatments or vaccines for Dengue fever, West Nile virus, Yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis and other disease-causing flaviviruses.

How dengue virus enters cells found

Scientists have unveiled the mechanism behind how dengue enters cells of our immune system, a finding that could help develop vaccine for the deadly virus.

Honduras confirms 27 deaths from dengue fever

A Honduran dengue fever epidemic has killed 27 people so far this year and infected some 31,960 individuals, health officials said.

Teenager latest dengue victim in Delhi, over 3,500 cases

A teenage girl has become the latest victim of dengue in the capital, as number of cases climbed to over 3,500 so far.

Dengue fever cases in Delhi cross 3,000 mark

The number of dengue cases in the national capital has crossed the 3,000 mark, reaching a total of 3,298 as on Thursday, an official said.

Brazil to test new low-cost dengue fever vaccine on humans next month

Brazilian scientists are going to begin clinical tests on humans for a new low-cost and effective dengue fever vaccine next month.

Dengue toll rises to 5 in Odisha, 3,043 tested positive

The death toll in dengue has increased to 5 in Odisha while 176 persons tested positive to the vector-borne disease on Saturday, a senior official said.

71 dengue cases in Delhi this week

A total of 71 cases of dengue have been reported from across the capital this week alone, officials said Friday.

Three fresh dengue cases reported in Bhopal

Three fresh cases of dengue have been reported in the city though none of them is in critical condition, Health Deparment officials said on Wednesday.

Altering mosquito genome could now help control dengue fever

Researchers at Virginia Tech have successfully used a gene disruption technique to change the eye color of a mosquito - a critical step toward new genetic strategies aimed at disrupting the transmission of diseases such as dengue fever.

Delhi HC seeks Centre`s report on fighting dengue

The Centre was asked today by the Delhi High Court to submit a status report on implementation of the government`s long-term action plan to control the outbreak of dangerous diseases like dengue in the city.

Dengue in Mizoram

At least 15 people in Mizoram have been affected by dengue with the health department gearing up to combat the disease.

36 more dengue cases in Delhi

Another 36 people in the national capital were today detected with dengue taking the total number of people affected by the mosquito-borne disease this season to 1,904.