Low sugar intake reduces tooth decay

Daily intake of sugar should make up no more than three percent of total energy intake and its reduction in consumption could lead to decrease in tooth decay, finds a new research.

YouTube your next door dermatologist!

YouTube is not just helping people watch latest football World Cup highlights, it has also become a popular ground for researchers, journals and health advocates to connect directly with the public on topics of skin cancer and prevention.

Have a one-year-old baby? Dental care a must

While many parents remain ignorant about how much dental care their little ones need, a new study has found that babies, who are most susceptible to cavities in their early lives, are least likely taken care of even though they need it the most.

Gargling oil can prevent oral problems

Gargling oil could stave off cavities and gum disease much better than your usual mouthwash.

Bacterial `tomb` in ancient teeth window for dental care

Researchers found an ancient human oral cavity that carried numerous opportunistic pathogens and discovered that periodontal disease or gum disease is caused by the same bacteria today as in the past.

Dash of antibacterial agent turns toothpastes into super teeth protectors

A new study has found that using fluoride toothpaste containing triclosan, an antibacterial agent, and a copolymer, which helps prevent the triclosan from being washed away by saliva.

An easy regime for healthy, clean teeth

Get a sparkling smile by following simple daily habits like brushing your teeth regularly, cutting down on sugar intake between meals and limiting your alcohol intake and smoking.

Beautiful smile: Dental makeover on the upswing

For young or old, a visit to a dentist was seen as a painful experience.

Brushing within 30 minutes after meal can damage teeth

Study has shown that teeth corrode faster if they are brushed in the half hour after an acidic soft drink.

Nanocrystals make for improved dentures

Ceramic materials used so far are not very suitable for bridges or fixed partial dentures.