Indian-American dentist charged with causing patient's death

 An Indian-American dentist has been charged with homicide a year after the death of a patient who became unresponsive while having 20 teeth pulled and several implants installed, according to a media report.

Hundreds of Britons undergo tests after dentist's blunder

Over 450 people in Britain underwent blood tests to check if they developed infections due to poor hygiene practices of a dentist who has caused a health scare involving about 22,000 of his former patients.

Jennifer Aniston loved playing dentist in 'Horrible Bosses 2'
Jennifer Aniston loved playing dentist in 'Horrible Bosses 2'

Actress Jennifer Aniston says she loved getting down and dirty in her forthcoming film ‘Horrible Bosses 2’.

Charlie Sheen pulled a knife on a dentist?
Charlie Sheen pulled a knife on a dentist?


Los Angeles: Actor Charlie Sheen is reportedly being investigated for allegedly pulling a knife on a dentist in LA before a procedure.

There is no standard method for brushing teeth: Study

A study has revealed that there is no common recommendation on brushing method given by dental associations, toothpaste and toothbrush companies and in dental textbooks, across ten countries.

French boy fakes kidnapping to avoid visiting dentist

A 12-year-old French boy invented a detailed kidnapping story as he was afraid to go to the dentist, leading to a one-month police investigation.

Laser to help you say goodbye to dentist`s chair

Anyone who has had a root canal done knows how painful the procedure can be.

The Toothmaker

With 28 molars in our mouth, a dentist will never be jobless. Prachi Rege gleans information on the various specializations in dentistry and its support functions.

Dentist sent to custody on rape charges

A dentist, who was arrested on charges of enticing a girl and raping her, was sent to 14 days` judicial custody by a local court here on Monday.

Woman gets part of dentist`s drill lodged in her lung

In a horrifying incident, a woman in Sweden ended up with part of a dentist`s drill in her right lung after she swallowed it during surgery.

India hopes incidents like Savita’s death are not repeated

Union Minister Vayalar Ravi Tuesday hoped the conscience of the political class in Ireland will "awaken" to prevent Savita like incidents in future.

Scared of dentists? Blame your parents

Fear of visiting the dentist is passed on to kids by their parents, a new study has revealed.

New crowning technique for decayed teeth to end painful fillings

New technique for treating tooth decay could put an end to painful fillings that prevent millions of people from going to the dentist.

Jennifer Aniston ‘had fun’ playing ‘sex-starved’ dentist

Jennifer Aniston has joked that she always wanted to play the role of a “sex-starved” dentist.

Dentist can apply stitches, says SC

The Supreme Court on Monday held
that even a dentist can apply stitches in emergency cases.

Liz Hurley rushes to the dentist

Elizabeth Hurley is down with excruciating tooth pains.

I was scared of going to the dentist: Karisma

Karisma Kapoor says as a child she was scared of dentists.

Dentist buys ad asking Hillary Clinton to run again

Ad advocates that US Secretary of State makes a 2nd presidential run in 2012.

Dentist among 2 PFI activists held in lecturer attack case

Two more activists of the Popular
Front of India (PFI), a Muslim radical outfit, have been
arrested in connection with the attack on a college lecturer,
taking the total number of those apprehended so far in the
case to six.

Painless plasma jets to replace dentist`s dreaded drill

Plasma jets capable of destroying tooth decay-causing bacteria could be an effective and less painful alternative to the dentist`s drill, says a new study.