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US should halt deportations to Haiti: Report

The United States, for human rights reasons, should halt deportations to Haiti, which still is struggling to recover from the 2010 earthquake that leveled the capital and claimed thousands of lives, a new report said on Thursday.

Obama blames Congress for deportations

US President Barack Obama today said he was powerless to stop mass expulsions of illegal immigrants, which prompted one Latino advocacy group to brand him "deporter in chief."

Anti-deportation protester interrupts Obama speech

The protester and another heckler yelled, quote, "Stop deportations!"

US: Families urge Obama to end deportations

US President has been criticised for failing to change US immigration system.

UN points to Iraq violence in chiding deportations

UN refugee agency scolds nations for deporting Iraqis back into danger.

Haitian migrants hide as Dominican Republic pursues deportations

Officials say deportations are needed to prevent flow of illegal immigrants.

France to step up deportations of `thieves and beggars`

The French government, under fire for
sending thousands of Roma back to Romania and Bulgaria, on Tuesday
announced plans to step up deportations of foreigners caught
stealing or begging aggressively.