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Depression: Here are common signs and symptoms

Depression: Here are common signs and symptoms

Many men do not recognize, acknowledge, or seek help for their depression. But what they don't know is that depression is a curable. It can affect any man at any age.

Fast antidepressant may better treat depression: Study

Using biochemical tests on mouse neurons, the team found that CGP3466B, a compound already proven safe for people, works on the same signaling cascade and shows effects within hours.

New drug to treat depression?

There is good news for people suffering from depression as researchers have now identified a potentially powerful new treatment for depression in the form of a neuroprotective drug known as P7C3.

Sinead O’Connor admitted in hospital for depression treatment

Sinead O’Connor, whose dramatic personal life has been in the headlines for months, has checked herself into hospital to be treated for depression.