Stephen Hawking believes aggression threatens to destroy everyone
Stephen Hawking believes aggression threatens to destroy everyone

Stephen Hawking has said that aggression may have had survival advantage in caveman days, but now it threatens to destroy everyone.

Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel will not tolerate anti-national activities

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday Israel would not tolerate rallies in Arab townships in which protesters publicly call for the nation`s destruction, threatening to use force against lawbreakers.

Syria chemical arms destruction deadline won``t be met: U.N

The United Nations has confirmed that the destruction of Syria`s chemical arsenal will not be completed by June 30, a final deadline set as part of a 2013 deal that averted U.S. air strikes against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad`s government.

Pope condemns Syria destruction after priest`s murder

Pope Francis on Wednesday condemned the "destruction" of Syria at a general audience in St Peter`s Square following the murder of a Catholic priest in Homs.

Destruction of Brazil`s Atlantic Forest falls 55%

The rate of deforestation of Brazil`s Atlantic Forest fell by some 55% between 2008 and 2010.

Asia cannot afford destruction by terror: Malaysian PM

Emergence of India and China as "economic juggernauts" has changed the way the world viewed Asia and the region cannot afford any disruption or destruction caused by extremism or terror, Malaysian Prime Minister said.

Beijing`s summer palace marks 150 years of destruction

Yuanmingyuan was burned down by Anglo-French allied forces on Oct 18, 1860.