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GPS - a new tool to detect clandestine N-tests

US researchers are unveiling a new tool for detecting illegal nuclear explosions.

Nanomaterial that can detect, neutralize explosives

The material changes colour in presence of explosives, alerting emergency responders to the threat.

New device to detect LPG gas leaks

`Suraksha` can detect gas leakage and set off a warning alarm by sending text messages to cell phone.

Radiation may help detect explosives

Radiation similar to that used to treat cancer may some day help detect explosive powder hidden underneath clothing.

New technology to detect hidden explosives, weapons

A software designed by researchers can detect hidden weapon caches and improvised explosive devices (IEDs) used by terrorists in Iraq, Afghanistan or Kashmir.

Birds’ landing relies on their ability to detect edges

In a major advance in understanding how human eyesight works, scientists have shown that the birds` amazing flight and landing precision relies on their ability to detect edges.