Indianised solutions key to fight climate change: Minister
Indianised solutions key to fight climate change: Minister

Ashok Kumar/OneWorld South Asia

Experts representing different part of the world urge for localised solutions to fight the global challenge of climate change.

WHO approves Chinese circumcision device

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has approved a device, developed in China for male circumcision without surgery, and will use it to tackle high rates of HIV in developing countries, Efe news agency reported.

New climate deal addressed demands of developing nations: India

India on Sunday hailed the outcome of the climate summit here, saying the deal reached has addressed the concerns of the developing countries and given them enough space to grow and take appropriate nationally determined steps to combat global warming.

China asks developing countries to cut greenhouse gas emissions

Promising to set ambitious goals to cut greenhouse gas emissions following a landmark agreement with the US, China has asked other developing countries to follow suit.

''Child mortality rates falling in the developing world''

 The child mortality gap has narrowed between the poorest and wealthiest households in more than 50 developing countries, says a new study from Stanford University`s School of Medicine.

India against imposing developed nations' norms on aid by developing nations

Aid provided by developing countries to their counterparts cannot be subjected to the same norms set for assistance from developing countries, India told a UN General Assembly committee that deals with economic and financial matters Wednesday.

British fund to boost science research in developing world

In a major boost to science and technology research in developing countries, including India, the British government has launched a five-year, $630 million fund to support science and innovation partnerships with researchers that will focus on economic development.

New solar lamp for developing countries like India

A Swiss start-up has developed a new solar lamp that is more effective, safer and less expensive than the traditional oil lamp used by more than one billion people in the world, including in India.

Antibiotics improve growth in kids in developing countries

Researchers have suggested that antibiotics are able to improve growth in children at risk of undernourishment in low and middle income countries.

Pharmocogenomics fails to address diseases in developing countries

A new study has revealed that despite of various promises made by international scientific community pharmacogenomic, only a few studies have been done on the rare, orphan and tropical diseases in developing countries.

Eliminating maternal mortality could improve women`s life expectancy in developing countries

Eliminating maternal mortality, which is defined as the deaths related to pregnancy, would result in a gain of over a half year in life expectancy worldwide, according to a new study.

Developing countries facing `medical scourge of developed nations`

Researchers have said that chronic illness, already a problem in developed world, is now also being problematic for developing countries.

Study suggests obesity rates quadruple in developing countries

A new study suggests that there has been a drastic rise in the number of people facing obesity in developing countries.

Experts develop new soil testing gear for developing countries

Scientists from the University of Maryland and Columbia University have designed a new soil testing kit for the benefit of the farmers in developing countries.

Some Italian tourists go abroad for child sex

At least 80,000 Italian "paedophile" tourists travel abroad each year in search of sex with children, mainly in developing countries, according to a new study.

Disabled kids receive harsher punishment in developing countries: Study

A new study has revealed that children with disabilities receive harsher punishment across the developing world.

New low-cost IVF method could help couples in developing countries conceive

A new low-cost method of in-vitro fertilization developed at the University of Colorado Boulder may help thousands of infertile couples in developing countries.

Hypertension and obesity now common in developing countries

A new study has found that high blood pressure and obesity are no longer confined to wealthy countries.

‘Alarming’ tobacco use pattern found in developing countries

Use of tobacco in developing countries is increasing as more and more people have started smoking at younger ages. Adding to the woes is the threatening rate at which more women smokers are rising, according to a study published Friday in The Lancet.