The illegal empire of Noida chief engineer Yadav Singh

The illegal empire of Noida chief engineer Yadav Singh, from whose house hundred of crores in ill-gotten wealth, diamonds and gold were recovered last week.

Diamond jewellery seized from Noida engineer Yadav Singh's lockers

Diamonds jewellery worth crores seized from Noida engineer Yadav Singh's bank lockers.

Asteroid made bizarre diamonds on earth: Study

Scientists have long argued about the existence of a form of diamond called lonsdaleite associated with impacts by meteorites and asteroids.

Fresh insight on how diamonds are formed
Fresh insight on how diamonds are formed

New findings have revealed long unknown details about how carbon deep beneath the Earth's surface is helping diamond formation in the Earth's mantle.

New method to synthesise material harder than diamond

Scientists have developed a new method for the synthesis of an ultra-hard material that exceeds the hardness of diamonds.

Diamond blasted with laser to decode giant planets` core

To unlock the mystery behind how the cores of `super-Earths` or giant planets like Jupiter respond to intense atmospheric pressure, US researchers have blasted a diamond with the world`s biggest laser beam at a very high pressure.

Earth-size diamond found in space

The faintest white dwarf star, possibly the coldest ever detected, has been identified by a team of astronomers.

`The Eye of Golconda` up for auction in Hong Kong

A rare necklace featuring a large Golconda diamond in the centre could fetch over USD 10,000,000 in a Christie`s auction in Hong Kong on May 27.

Diamond makes laser beams more brilliant

Researchers have for the first time demonstrated that diamond can radically improve the quality of high power laser beams.

Illegal funds raised in India through diamond trade: Report

An international report on money laundering and terrorist financing across the globe has revealed that India is one among five countries where the trade accounts of the diamond business are used to launder illegal funds amounting to millions of dollars.

Sierra Leone sells 2013`s largest diamond

Sierra Leone said on Friday it had exported the largest diamond discovered in the west African nation last year -- a 125-carat stone worth around USD 800,000.

Italian dad turns son`s remains into diamond

In a first-of-its-kind case in Italy, a grieving father had his dead son eternally preserved by getting the 20-year-old`s ashes transformed into a diamond.

Rock points to potential diamond haul in Antarctica

Australian geologists on Tuesday opened up the tantalising but controversial prospect that Antarctica could be rich in diamonds.

Teen finds 3.85-carat diamond worth USD 60,000 in US park

A 14-year-old girl`s treasure hunt at a park in the US yielded a big reward when she discovered a 3.85-carat canary diamond, expected to be worth around USD 60,000, buried in the dirty soil.

Burglars clean out diamonds worth Rs 2 cr from trader`s office

A trader`s office was burgled of diamonds worth around Rs 2 crore at Opera House area in south Mumbai, police said today.

Diamond `super-earth` may not be `so precious`

An alien world reported to be the first known planet to consist largely of diamond appears less likely to be of such precious nature, a new analysis has shown.

Kris Humphries to sell engagement ring?

Basketball player Kris Humphries is reportedly selling off the diamond engagement ring that he presented to socialite Kim Kardashian in 2011.

Tom Hardy surprises sick fan with lunch date

`This Means War` star Tom Hardy made a cancer sufferer`s dream come true by surprising her with a lunch date and presenting her with a diamond necklace.

Justin Bieber buying engagement ring for Selena Gomez?

Justin Bieber is reportedly buying a diamond ring for his on-off girlfriend Selena Gomez.

Return Koh-i-Noor, other artefacts: Pakistani daily

An editorial in the Dawn said that British Prime Minister David Cameron but turned down a long-standing demand to return the Koh-i-Noor diamond.