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Prince Harry lauds resilience of Nepalese people

Britain's Prince Harry on Sunday saluted the resilience of Nepalese people still struggling to recover from last year's devastating earthquakes as he called on the President and discussed post-quake rehabilitation efforts during his maiden visit to Himalayan nation.

Princess Charlotte to be christened today with royal lily font

Princess Charlotte to be christened today with royal lily font

The UK's royal family is all set for the christening ceremony of their newest member Princess Charlotte on Sunday where the two-month-old child of Prince William and his wife Kate will make her second public appearance.

Britain`s baby princesses outnumbered by princes

Prince William and his wife Kate`s daughter Charlotte is only the fourth baby born with the title of British princess since the start of World War II.

Diana is people's choice for a baby princess: poll

Diana is people's choice for a baby princess: poll

Diana has emerged as the most popular name among Britons if Prince William and wife Kate Middleton have a girl, according to a new poll.

Last of famous Mitford sisters dies at 94

Deborah, the dowager duchess of Devonshire, the last of the witty, unconventional Mitford sisters, died on Tuesday, her son said. She was 94.

`Diana` Review: A tepid telling of the Princess Diana tale

The story of the late Queen of Hearts and Princess of Wales, Diana, has been an open book and the expectation from this tale is colossal.

1D`s new track `Diana` leaked on YouTube

One Direction`s new track, `Diana,` from their forthcoming album, `Midnight Memories,` was leaked on YouTube on Saturday.

I thought I would never have children: Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts says she was worried about having kids when she had not met her partner Liev Schreiber.

Naveen Andrews preferred 'Caught In Flight' to 'Diana'

Naveen Andrews thinks 'Caught In Flight', the original title for new biopic 'Diana', was a more fitting name for the movie.

`Princess Diana had no feelings for Prince Charles`

A member of the British royal family has alleged that Princess Diana wasn`t as charming and empathetic with her own family like she was with the public.

Naomi Watts walks out of radio interview

Naomi Watts walked out of a radio interview when she was questioned about her upcoming movie `Diana`.

Avenging rape: Hunt on for `Diana, bus driver hunter` in Mexico

Authorities are seeking a woman accused of killing two bus drivers in northern Mexico amid claims that the murders were committed by a vigilante avenging rapes, officials said.

Princess Diana planned to flee royal family with sons?

A royal expert has claimed in his new book that the Princess of Wales wanted to take her young sons, William and Harry, away from the royal family.

Naomi Watts worked hard to get perfect Princess Diana features

Naomi Watts wedged a cocktail stick in her mouth to get Princess Diana`s exact facial features for her role in a new biopic.

Naomi Watts put cocktail stick in mouth for Diana biopic

Naomi Watts walked around with a cocktail stick wedged in her mouth as she prepared to play Princess Diana in the new biopic

Diana inquiry team contacts Prince Charles: Reports

The Scotland Yard investigating sensational claims that Princess Diana may have been killed by a member of the British military has apparently contacted her former husband Prince Charles, a report said on Friday.

Naomi Watts says Diana gave permission from `beyond the grave` to play her

Naomi Watts, who will be portraying Princess Diana in her upcoming biopic, has claimed that Diana granted her permission from beyond the grave to play the role.

Princess Diana would have been `glamorous granny`

The arrival of Princess Diana`s first grandchild - now named George Alexander Louis - would have been one of the most fulfilling moments of her life.

Emily Blunt to play Princess Diana?

Emily Blunt has been tipped to follow in the footsteps of Naomi Watts by playing late Princess Of Wales Diana in a new film.

Princess Diana`s Pakistani lover suspects hacking

Princess Diana`s former lover Hasnat Khan fears that her last few very personal messages left on his phone may have been hacked by British journalists.