CIA apologises for spying on US Senate

Lawmakers slammed the CIA after the US intelligence agency admitted its officers had "improperly" spied upon Senate investigators probing allegations of torture.

Feinstein shifts tone in calling out CIA search

Sen Dianne Feinstein`s outspoken criticism of "CIA interference" in a congressional investigation is in sharp contrast to her defense of an intelligence-gathering community that some say tramples on civil liberties.

US senator blasts Karzai over refusal to sign deal

The head of the Senate Intelligence Committee has strong words about Afghanistan`s president for refusing to sign an agreement governing the future of the American troop presence in his country.

For Edward Snowden, no clemency: Top US lawmakers

Senior American lawmakers said today that intelligence leaker Edward Snowden should not be given clemency by the United States following his disclosures of widespread government surveillance.

Gun group says Congress will not pass weapons ban

The top US gun lobbying group says Congress doesn`t have enough votes to pass a ban on assault weapons, President Barack Obama will see a set of proposals on curbing mass shootings and gun violence.

US lawmakers asks Pak to redouble efforts against Haqqanis

Top American lawmakers have asked Pakistan to redouble its efforts against the dreaded Haqqani Network.

US Senate pushes for terrorist label for Haqqani

The Obama administration has sanctioned top individuals of Haqqani network, but it is still reviewing whether to label the entire organisation.

`Pak doing nothing to abate terrorist safe havens`

A senior US lawmaker slammed Pakistan for harbouring the Haqqani militants and the Afghan Taliban.

`Taliban grew stronger since 2010 US troop surge`

A report by Senator Dianne Feinstein and Representative Mike Rogers has challenged Barack Obama`s evaluation.

ISI walks both sides of the street: US senator

Dianne wonders why Pak refuses to hand over to India 26/11 perpetrators.

US Senate finally sets hearing for intelligence chief

In a high-stakes national intelligence stare-down between congressional Democrats and the White House, Sen. Dianne Feinstein blinked.