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New dinosaur fossil found in Japan

New dinosaur fossil found in Japan

In general, theropods, including Tyrannosaurus, are carnivorous. But Fukuivenator, which had a long neck, is believed to have been omnivorous.

Rare dinosaur fossil fills in missing pieces of evolution

The discovery of a 75-million-year-old dinosaur fossil in 2010 from Canada's Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta has now provided scientists an opportunity to fill in gaps in the evolution of other horned dinosaurs, such as Triceratops.

Rare fossil of horned dinosaur from 'lost continent' found

Rare fossil of horned dinosaur from 'lost continent' found

Ceratopsia was a group of plant-eating horned dinosaurs and the fossil studied by Longrich comes from a smaller cousin of the better known Triceratops, the leptoceratopsids.

Canadian dinosaur closely related to mammals

The fossil, previously known at Bathygnathus borealis, was collected in 1845, and was named Bathygnathus borealis by palaeontologist Joseph Leidy.

Dinosaur fossil with preserved feathers, skin found

Dinosaur fossil with preserved feathers, skin found

Although the preserved feathers are extremely crushed due to sediment compaction, scanning electron microscopy shows a three-dimensional keratin structure to the feathers on the tail and body.

First dinosaur fossil in Washington State found

Paleontologists have unearthed the first dinosaur fossil from Washington State which is approximately 80 million years old.

5-year-old boy finds ancient dinosaur fossil in US

A five-year-old boy has discovered the fossil of what scientists believe could be a 100-million-year-old dinosaur behind a shopping center in Texas.

Complete fossil of small dinosaur found

South Korean paleontologists have found a complete fossil of a small dinosaur in rare condition, the first such discovery of its kind in the country, according to the National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage in Seoul.

Biggest parrot-beaked dinosaur fossil found in Siberia

Fragments of the skeleton of the biggest known psittacosaurus sibiricus, or a parrot-beaked dinosaur, have been unearthed near the village of Shestakovo in Russia’s Kemerovo region in western Siberia.

Meet Dreadnoughtus, the largest dinosaur that ever lived on earth

Meet Dreadnoughtus, the largest dinosaur that ever lived on earth

Meet Dreadnoughtus scrani, one of the largest creatures on earth weighing heavier than a Boeing 737 with a weight of almost 65 tons.

Dino fossil proves humans lived alongside dinosaurs

The Australian man, who is building a Noah`s ark in America, is set to unveil a dinosaur fossil named "Ebenezer", which he says proves that humans lived alongside dinosaurs.

First dinosaur fossil found in Malaysia

Scientists claim to have unearthed the first known dinosaur fossil in Malaysia - the tooth of a fish-eating predator at least 75 million years old.

Researches finally have an explanation to controversial T. Rex soft tissue discovery

Researchers have explained that the 68-million-year-old soft tissue which was discovered from the bones of a Tyrannosaurus rex did not decay and survived millennia because of the iron content in the dinosaur`s body.

Southernmost fossil remains in the Americas found in Chile

A group of paleontologists announced the discovery of dinosaur fossil remains in the Chilean region of Magallanes, which makes them the southernmost fossils ever found in the Americas.

School kid finds fossil skeleton of baby dinosaur in US

A chance find by a high school student led to an astonishing discovery of a baby dinosaur`s skeleton.

India`s first dinosaur fossil rediscovered

India`s first recorded dinosaur has been rediscovered in Kolkata, according to a top scientific journal.

Dinosaur fossil discovered in China

Fossilized bones of a dinosaur have been discovered in China`s Inner Mongolia region.

`Jurassic Park` coming up in Gujarat

A dinosaur fossil park will soon come up at Kheda district`s Rayoli village in Gujarat.