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Climate deal urgent after weather-linked disasters kill 600,000 in 20 years: UN

Weather-related disasters have grown more frequent over the last 20 years, claiming more than 600,000 lives, the UN said today, issuing a further call for nations to strike a landmark deal on climate change.

No phone signal in a disaster? Solar network ''in a box'' to the rescue

No phone signal in a disaster? Solar network ''in a box'' to the rescue

Pakistan: Pakistani researchers have developed a portable, solar-powered mobile phone network for use in disasters like floods and earthquakes when regular communications are often disrupted.

India loses $9.8 billion every year due to disasters

India suffers losses of $9.8 billion every year owing to multi-hazard disasters as 58.6 percent of its land is prone to earthquakes and 8.5 percent vulnerable to cyclone, as per a UN estimate.

Disasters cost $113 billion damage in 2014: Swiss Re

This is 16 percent less than the USD 135 billion in losses recorded in 2013 and significantly below the average annual figure of USD 188 billion for the previous 10 years.

Malaysia Airlines loses widen in wake of disasters

Crisis-stricken Malaysia Airlines said on Friday that its third-quarter loss widened 54 percent in the wake of two devastating air disasters that have sent its business into a tailspin and prompted a government rescue.