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Lance Armstrong settles with promoter: Report

Lance Armstrong settles with promoter: Report

Disgraced former cyclist Lance Armstrong has paid out over $10 million (8.9 million euros) in a settlement to Bob Hamman and his SCA Promotions company, British newspaper the Sunday Times reported.

Texas judge rules against Lance Armstrong over prize money

A Texas judge has denied a request by lawyers for Lance Armstrong to block a sports insurance company from re-opening an arbitration agreement in which the firm paid $12 million in bonuses to the disgraced cyclist.

List of Tour winners to remain blank from 1999 to 2005: UCI

Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong who was recently stripped off his seven coveted Tour De France titles found himself in yet another trouble after the UCI on Friday asked him to return all his prize money on Friday.

Biographer exposes murky truth about Armstrong’s drug bus in new book!

Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong had ruled his team with an iron grip, according to his own biographers, who exposes the lies, doping and bullying behind the sport in a new book.