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Countdown to global trade deadline marked by dire warnings

The World Trade Organization has about 20 working days left to stitch together the first global trade deal in two decades, but even the faster tempo of talks under new chief Roberto Azevedo may be too little, too late.

Trade talks: Solving simple issue 1st is way forward, says Lamy

With Doha round of talks for opening global trade remaining inconclusive for years, WTO chief Pascal Lamy Tuesday said member-countries should first address proposals like trade facilitation, which can be agreed upon easily, and then move to complex issues.

IBSA urges WTO nations to end impasse, conclude trade talks

India, Brazil and South Africa (IBSA) on Tuesday called upon WTO members to end the impasse over Doha talks for a global trade treaty.

India, China responsible for deadlock in Doha talks: US official

A top US official on Tuesday blamed the stalemate in the Doha trade talks on India, China and other emerging nations, asserting they were unwilling to shoulder responsibilities reflecting their dramatic rise in the global economic hierarchy.

`End game` may be long for reaching trade pact, says Brazil

Brazil, coordinator of the G-20
developing countries supported India`s contention that the vexed Doha trade talks have not really reached the "end game" as is being made out by the rich nations and also WTO chief Pascal Lamy.