Ukraine rebels pay pensioners in dollars

Ukraine`s pro-Russian rebels in battle-scarred Donetsk said Friday they had started paying dollars to pensioners who have been cut off from Kiev`s social benefits despite serving valiantly in Soviet-era wars.

FIFA says paid Ireland 5 million euros, not dollars
FIFA says paid Ireland 5 million euros, not dollars

FIFA paid Ireland`s FA (FAI) 5 million euros to avoid a legal case over a controversial World Cup playoff defeat, 50 percent more than the $5 million it reported on Thursday at 2009 exchange rates, world soccer`s governing body said. 

Gold in feces worth millions: Study

Human feces contains gold, silver and other metals which could be worth hundreds of millions of dollars, say scientists who are investigating ways to extract the precious metals from poop.

Bollywood flick ‘Dollars’ audition to be held in Dubai

Sameer Khan, who recently announced his plans to direct a UAE-set action drama, ‘Dollars’, is auditioning for actors to play “strong supporting roles” in his debut venture.

Spears `wants to invest her millions of dollars`

Britney Spears has asked for the control of her money to be given to her financial advisors at Merrill Lynch and UBS Financial Services.

Finnish police dog sniffs out thousands of dollars

A specially trained dog sniffed out
a USD 35,000 cash stash in the northern Finnish town of Kemi,
helping the police in a land-sale embezzlement investigation,
local police said on Thursday.