One soldier killed in clashes in rebel east Ukraine

One Ukrainian soldier was killed in clashes in the country's east, the military said on Sunday, as fighting between government forces and pro-Russian separatists intensifies after weeks of relative calm.

Ukraine rebels say MSF banned for 'espionage'

Medics with the Nobel Peace Prize winning organisation were kicked out of Donetsk region.

'MH17 shot down by Russian-made BUK missile'
'MH17 shot down by Russian-made BUK missile'

The report rejects Moscow's contention that the plane was hit by a missile fired by Ukrainian troops.

Poroshenko says Russia threat to `entire democratic world`

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko accused Russia on Friday of challenging the "entire democratic world" by annexing Crimea and allegedly arming separatist rebels in the east of his ex-Soviet state.

Truce upheld for first time in war-torn eastern Ukraine: President

 Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said Saturday that the Western-backed truce signed in Minsk in February had been respected this week for the first time, despite pro-Russian rebels claiming a civilian had been killed.

Ukrainian leader says Russia sent 3 military convoys to rebel east

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on Monday accused Russia of this week sending three military convoys over the border into the separatist-controlled east.

Ukraine battles pro-Russian rebels for access to key port

Ukraine on Wednesday reported intense battles with pro-Russian insurgents near the last major government stronghold in the former Soviet country`s separatist east.

Ukraine reports heavy tank battle with pro-Russians rebels

 Ukraine on Monday said it had repelled a rare tank assault by pro-Russian rebels that threatened to erase a shaky ceasefire and dangerously escalate the 16-month war in its breakaway east.

Ukraine says one soldier killed in clashes in separatist east

Ukraine on Saturday reported the death of one soldier as clashes with pro-Russian separatists continue in the country's war-torn east despite a shaky truce.

4 killed ahead of new Ukraine peace talks

 Ukraine on Monday reported the death of four soldiers in widespread clashes with pro-Russian rebels that came only hours ahead of fresh talks on ending the 15-month separatist revolt.

Ukraine calls on Russia to negotiate end to war in east

Ukraine's foreign minister is calling on Russia to come to "real negotiations" about a cease-fire and stabilization in Ukraine's war-torn east which will require fair elections that are internationally monitored.

Four civilians reported killed in Ukraine fighting
Four civilians reported killed in Ukraine fighting

Four civilians were killed in intense shelling attacks between the Ukrainian army and pro-Russian rebels in the separatist east of the war-torn state, officials from both sides said today.

Ceasefire brings limited respite for east Ukrainians

 Natalya Brazhnikova goes to sell bread each day at a badly charred market on the outskirts of Donetsk in east Ukraine despite the risk of shelling and gunfire.

Ukrainian military, Russian separatists accuse each other of shelling in Donetsk

Ukrainian military and pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine have indulged in a blame game accusing each other of shelling in central areas of Donetsk.

New footage of crashed Malaysia Airlines flight emerges

 A new footage emerged on Friday reportedly showing pro-Russian rebels at the scene of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash last year in eastern Ukraine after they realised they had shot down a commercial airliner.

Ukraine leader lays out vision of new war-time constitution

 Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on Wednesday proposed constitutional changes designed to give broader powers to the regions, but failed to address the demands of pro-Russian fighters in the separatist east.

Four reported killed in Ukraine ahead of crunch Paris talks
Four reported killed in Ukraine ahead of crunch Paris talks

Ukrainian rebels Tuesday accused government forces of killing three civilians in attacks launched hours before the start of talks in Paris on ways to halt the 15-month separatist war.

Two Ukraine troops killed ahead of peace talks

Ukraine on Monday reported the death of two soldiers in the past day of fighting with pro-Russian insurgents across the industrial east.

Three killed as clashes grip Ukraine ahead of talks

Ukraine on Sunday reported the death of two soldiers, while pro-Russian rebels accused Kiev`s forces of killing a civilian as fresh clashes preceded peace talks aimed at ending the 15-month war.

Ukraine accuse own soldiers of killing pro-rebel civilians

Prosecutors in war-torn east Ukraine on Wednesday charged two government soldiers with the murder of an elderly woman and her daughter in the separatist eastern province of Donetsk.