Doomsday to appear in 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice'
Doomsday to appear in 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice'

DC supervillain Doomsday, who is best known for killing Superman in 1992's storyline "The Death of Superman", reportedly will be a major villain in "Dawn of Justice".

Doomsday near? Nine families in Meghalaya believe so, cut themselves off from society

Nine tribal families in Meghalaya have quit their jobs, withdrawn all they had from the bank, taken their children out from schools and cut themselves off from the society because they believe that 'doomsday' is near, as per reports on Thursday.

Climate change brings world closer to `doomsday`: Scientists
Climate change brings world closer to `doomsday`: Scientists

Climate change and the danger of nuclear war pose an ever-growing threat to civilization and are bringing the world closer to doomsday, a group of prominent scientists and Nobel laureates said Thursday.

Superstition and bad luck coincide: Friday the 13th has a full moon

Are you superstitious? If yes, then this piece of information might interest you. Skygazers will witness a full moon on June 13 i.e. Friday. Not only is it Friday the 13th, but it is also a Full Moon.

Mayan Long Count calendar did end on December 2012

Carbon dating of a wooden beam from a Guatemalan temple has confirmed the end date of the Mayan Long Count calendar.

Amazing solar `wink` tells doomsday prediction was fallacy?

NASA engineers were amazed after clicking a latest picture of the Sun which appeared to be "winking at them".

Why the world did not end on December 21

December 21 has come and gone with the prophecy that the world would come to an end turning out to be all hot air and hype.

Why the world did not end on Dec 21

Dec 21 has come and gone with the prophecy that the world would come to an end turning out to be all hot air and hype.

‘New date for doomsday set for January 1, 2017’

Even though people around the globe waiting anxiously for the world to end on December 21 have survived unscathed, the actual Apocalypse is nigh on four years away, Doomsdayers have claimed.

China cracks down on doomsday rumour-mongers, 96 held

As many as 96 people were arrested in central China Saturday after police targetted the cult that spreads doomsday rumours.

Doomsday Dec 21, 2012: Believers drawn to hotspots

Although scientists have completely rubbished fears that the world will end on December 21, 2012, believers are being drawn to spots where the buzz suggests that chances of survival will be higher.

China arrests doomsday preachers on the day of `apocalypse`

Forty-two doomsday preachers were held in China for warning people that the world will end on Friday, the day of the "apocalypse", taking the total number of such arrests to over 1,000.

If there were just 5 minutes to apocalypse?

The world is not ending on Dec 21, 2012, that’s pretty much certain by now. However, if it had so happened and you were told five minutes prior to the end, how would you spend those last few minutes? Share with the world.

Guatemala temple preparing for end of the world

At an eighth century temple deep inside the Guatemalan jungle, people who are convinced that the world is about to end are gathering for the end of times.

Watch the `Mayan apocalypse` live online

From monster solar storms to colliding planets, the Slooh Space Cam will host a series of web shows, each focused on a different scenario of how the end of days might occur.

Watch the `Mayan apocalypse` live online

Scientists at the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and elsewhere have said there is nothing to be concerned about, that the world will still be here on Saturday.

Doomsday rumours: 500 arrested in China

Those detained are said to belong to a Christian sect named Almighty God, which is also called Eastern Lightning.

China detains 93 for professing doomsday

A total of 93 people were detained in China for spreading doomsday rumours.

China school attacker was affected by doomsday rumours

A Chinese man who grievously injured 23 primary school children last week was an epileptic patient psychologically affected by doomsday predictions.

Beware of doomsday scams, warns China

Police across China are warning people to be aware of scams related to the "end of the world" prophecy based on the ancient Mayan calendar.