Downturn effect: More loyal employees!

More than a third of employees surveyed have become more loyal to their companies after the downturn.

Gulf jobs and pay rises hit by downturn: Survey

Professionals working in the Gulf have been hit hard by the downturn, with almost two-thirds not receiving any pay hike and one in ten losing job this year, says a survey by online recruitment firm

Downturn squeezes Airbus cash pile: Company

The European aerospace group EADS
which builds Airbus airliners said on Monday that a slowdown in
activity was squeezing the group`s cash mountain but assured
that the programme for the new A350 was safe.

Poorest nations to feel downturn for years: UN

The world`s poorest nations are esp hard hit by the global financial crisis and will feel its impact for years to come, UN officials said today.

Thank heavens for the downturn?

It seems the financial crisis isn`t all doom and gloom.

Asia leading world out of downturn: Bush

Former US president George W. Bush praised Asian economies Wednesday for leading the global economy out of its slump, while warning against a rise in trade protectionism.

Despite downturn, PNB in UK doubles deposits

Despite economic downturn, four
branches of the Punjab National Bank in Britain doubled their
deposits in the six months ending September 2009, official
sources here said.

Carbon emissions fall with global downturn: Report

Greenhouse gas emissions have fallen thanks to the global downturn, handing the world a chance to move away from high-carbon growth, a report said on Monday, citing an International Energy Agency study.

‘One million migrants to quit UK due to eco slowdown’

With India and China fast emerging as
growing economies attracting talent, Britain is in danger of
losing out an estimated one million highly skilled migrants to
these countries in the next five years, according to a study.