Barbados to host 2014 Race of Champions
Barbados to host 2014 Race of Champions

The 2014 Race Of Champions (ROC) will be held at the Bushy Park Circuit in Barbados on December 13-14, the organisers have confirmed.

Young driver's gender plays important role in accidents
Young driver's gender plays important role in accidents

A new study has revealed that gender of the young driver play an important role when it comes to severity of a crash and injuries.

New car system to warn drivers against making phone calls

Scientists have developed a new facial recognition system that detects when drivers are using their mobile phones and warns them to put the devices down.

LED streetlight glare most dangerous for drivers: Study

Do you feel your eyes strain due to the sudden stabs of brightness from street lights while driving at night?

Police `panty gang` dismantled in Brazil

Six police officers in Rio de Janeiro have been arrested on charges of stopping trucks carrying women`s underwear, stealing their merchandise and extorting money from their drivers.

Formula 1 racers `unlearning` old skills

Formula 1 drivers are going `back to school`, so to say, to relearn driving skills thanks to new racing rules and changing technology.

F1 drivers need to ``respect`` team orders: Ricciardo

Red Bull`s Daniel Ricciardo believes Formula One drivers, including his world champion team mate Sebastian Vettel, should respect team orders unless they are "completely out of order".

Sombre minute`s silence for MH370 victims

Drivers, officials and thousands of fans observed a sombre minute`s silence on Sunday before the Malaysian Grand Prix for those missing on disappeared flight MH370.

End to traffic woes? A new system in the offing

Researchers in the Netherlands will next year test a GPS navigation system aimed at preventing the international curse of motorway traffic jams by telling drivers which lane to move to.

Records of drivers on job for Lusofonia Games to be checked

The state transport department will verify the background of around 500 drivers before they are recruited to ply the vehicles which will be hired for the forthcoming Lusofonia Games scheduled in November.

Half of all drivers risk falling asleep at the wheel

Over 50 percent of motorists risk dozing off at the wheel on extended journeys, a new study has revealed.

Now, a system that helps detect when drivers fall asleep behind the wheel

Latest advances in capturing data on brain activity and eye movement are being combined to develop a system, which can help detect when drivers are in danger of falling asleep at the wheel.

Now, steering wheel that guides drivers blinded by Sun

Researchers, for the first time, have designed a vibrating steering wheel that tells drivers where to steer when undipped headlights and other visual impediments leave them temporarily blinded.

Over 400 DTC personnel face disciplinary action

DTC has initiated disciplinary action against 246 drivers and 158
conductors after finding them guilty of dereliction of duties.

Gen Y drivers prefer risking safety to save money

One in three Gen Y drivers prefer to spend money on a sound system than safety features, a new survey has revealed.

Women are worse drivers than men!

It is official. Scientists have discovered that women drivers are more dangerous behind the wheel.

Sri Lanka autorickshaw drivers say no to Nano

Taxi drivers in Sri Lanka`s
capital held up traffic today, demanding the government should
stop allowing anymore use Tata Nanos on the streets that offer
stiff competition to the ubiquitous three-wheelers.

Drunken drivers made to stand in court for the day, let off

Two men, sentenced to ten days in jail for driving under influence of liquor, by two different magisterial courts have been let off by a sessions judge after being made to stand in the court as punishment till evening.

Drivers ‘risking life by using Twitter, Facebook behind the wheel’

The UK police are concerned about the increasing numbers of motorists using Facebook and Twitter behind the wheel, and have warned of potential ‘catastrophic consequences’.

Make breath test mandatory for drivers after accidents: Court

Irked over the menace of drunken driving, a Motor Accident Claims Tribunal has ordered the city police chief to make it mandatory to have breath analyser tests of the drivers of vehicles involved in road accidents.