Drone spotted over Belgium nuclear plant

An unexplained drone was spotted flying over a Belgium nuclear facility, local authorities have said, a day after one of the plant's reactors came back on line after a four-month closure caused by sabotage.

Israel scrambles fighter jets to fend off drone from Gaza

The Israeli Air Force scrambled fighter jets to the Gaza border after Islamist group Hamas launched a drone during a military parade it held in the coastal territory Sunday to mark the 27th anniversary of its establishment, Israeli media reported.

Ukraine says 11 attacks and drone spotted despite truce

The Ukrainian Army on Saturday reported 11 attacks against its positions in the east where a ceasefire is tentatively holding and said a drone was spotted over Mariupol, the last major eastern town under its control.

Drone attack in Pakistan kills five suspected militants

 At least five suspected militants, including what sources claim to be a high value target, were killed in a US drone attack in Pakistan`s North Waziristan region Thursday, media reported.

Iran shows its copy of US drone in flight

State television aired footage Wednesday of the test flight of a drone which Iran says it reverse engineered from a US aircraft that came down over its territory in 2011.

Drone kills seven suspected al Qaeda militants in Yemen: Military sources

 At least seven suspected al Qaeda militants were killed on Wednesday in a U.S. drone strike on a vehicle they were driving in southern Yemen, military sources said. 

World's first drone-filmed porn video goes viral!
World's first drone-filmed porn video goes viral!

The world's first drone-filmed pornographic video has gone viral on social media even though its creators say that it was more of an art project.

Drone suspects detained near French nuke plant released

The mystery over a spate of unidentified drones spotted flying over French nuclear facilities deepened on Friday after two men detained near a plant were released when police found they were harmless model enthusiasts.

Drone kills two Qaeda suspects in Yemen

A suspected US drone strike killed two alleged Al-Qaeda militants in southern Yemen today, tribal sources said, the latest in a series of deadly raids against the jihadist network.

Mystery drone flights over French nuclear sites

French security chiefs are investigating a spate of mysterious and illegal overflights of French nuclear power stations by tiny, unmanned drones.

China successfully tests laser weapon to shoot down drones

 China on Sunday claimed to have successfully tested a homemade laser defence system specially targeting small-scale drones flying at low altitude.

Haqqani commander among dead in US drone strike in Pakistan

A US drone strike killed at least seven militants in Pakistan`s restive tribal belt on Thursday, including an important commander of the feared Haqqani network, security officials said.

First European drones arrive in Ukraine to monitor truce

The first unarmed drones arrived today in Ukraine to help OSCE teams monitor the implementation of a fragile one-month truce in the separatist east, the pan-European security group said.

Drone strike kills suspected militants in Pakistan: Officials

A US drone strike killed at least five suspected militants near the Afghan border in northwestern Pakistan on Wednesday, intelligence officials said, amid a rise in such attacks since after the military announced an anti-Taliban offensive.

US drone kills 7 militants on Pak-Afghan border

At least seven militants, including two key commanders of a militant group, were killed in a US drone strike on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Qaeda kills 3 Yemen 'spies' for allegedly aiding US drones

Al-Qaeda militants have executed three men they accuse of planting electronic chips in the network's vehicles to help US drones target them, a security official said on Monday.

Israel downs drone from Syria over occupied Golan: Army

Israel downed a drone over the occupied Golan Heights today, the army said, amid mounting tension on the UN-patrolled armistice line with Syria on the strategic plateau.

Iran says it downed Israeli drone over nuclear site

Iran`s elite Revolutionary Guard said it has brought down an Israeli stealth drone above the Natanz uranium enrichment site in the centre of the country.

Novel way to monitor drone`s parametres

Drones are the future of home delivery and surveillance but to achieve this consistently, they will have to tackle high winds and other uncertainties like depletion of fuel.

US drone attack kills 20 in northwestern Pakistan

At least 20 suspected militants were killed today in a US drone attack in Pakistan`s troubled North Waziristan tribal region, where the military is mounting a major offensive to clear the area of the Taliban bases.