Eating addiction similar to gambling fixation

If you cannot resist overeating despite the obvious health risks, you may well be suffering from an eating addiction which, as a study shows, is a behavioural disorder and could be categorised alongside conditions such as gambling.

Smoking e-cigs may lead to drug addiction

A new study has observed that smoking e-cigarettes may encourage the addiction to other substances, such as marijuana and cocaine.

4 babies in UK born with drug addiction every day

Four babies are born addicted to drugs in the United Kingdom every day, media reports said on Saturday quoting National Health Service (NHS) figures.

Gauri Khan refutes drug addiction rumours!

She is seen as the first lady in Bollywood, who has the best man as her husband. Yes we are referring to none other than the superstar wife Gauri Khan. The ambitious businesswoman has always managed to impress the who`s who of B-Town with her shear elegance and chic style. She is somebody who is often taken to be our answer to the very stylish Victoria Beckham.

I suffered from a `disease called addiction`, says Amber Valletta

Amber Valletta has revealed her drug and alcohol addiction saying that she suffered from a disease called addiction and she had it for as long as she could remember.

Angelina Jolie`s alleged `drug addiction` video released

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has always been in the limelight for right reasons—be it her humanitarian work as the United Nations brand ambassador or the choice of her path breaking films. But this time however, the lady has made headlines for something that could shock and startle any Angie fan across the globe.

Ronnie Wood pays tribute to Bobby Womack

Rocker Ronnie Wood has paid tribute to soul star Bobby Womack and says he was reduced to tears after hearing the news of his death.

Rehabilitation of drug addicts important, along with de-addiction: Pranab Mukherjee

Community-based service should be promoted for the identification, counselling and de-addiction of drug addicts along with their after-care and rehabilitation said President Prabnab Mukherjee at an award ceremony in the capital on Thursday.

Addiction to become manageable disease

Researchers are saying that they are making important progress in changing the perception of addiction as they identify new therapeutic interventions that could render addiction into the equivalent of a manageable disease like diabetes.

Former manager planned to kidnap MJ to save him from drug addiction

Ron Weisner, who managed Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney and Madonna, desperately tried to "kidnap" the King of Pop to save him from drug addiction while the star was being plied with cash and drugs by Bahraini royalty, it has been revealed.

Gene related to autism plays vital role in drug addiction

A new research has revealed that a protein which was previously connected to autism and is vital for brain mechanism, has a crucial part to play in drug addiction.

Yogendra Yadav holds roadshow, slams SAD-BJP

Aam Aadmi Party leader Yogendra Yadav on Saturday accused the ruling SAD-BJP combine in Punjab of making youth drug addicts.

Hollywood`s deadly drug addiction

Philip Seymour Hoffman, who died aged 46 of a suspected heroin overdose in his Manhattan flat, joins a long list of Hollywood stars whose lives were cut short by drugs.

Shock therapy can erase bad memories

Zapping the brain with short bursts of electric current may help erase unpleasant memories, paving way for new treatments for mental trauma, psychiatric disorders and drug addiction, researchers say.

Gene involved in response to cocaine identified

Scientists, led by an Indian-origin researcher, have identified a gene that may determine the intensity of our response to cocaine.

Why long-term cocaine abuse can lead to brain abnormalities

A new study has revealed that long-term cocaine abuse may be associated with deficits in parts of the brain involved in monitoring and overseeing one`s own behaviour.

Father`s cocaine use may make son resistant to drug addiction

A new study has revealed that son`s of cocaine-using fathers are more likely to resist addictive behaviours, as they become less sensitive to the drug.

Lady Gaga`s admits being addicted to marijuana

Lady Gaga, who made no secret of the fact that she used the drug in the past, now admits becoming dependent on smoking weed.

One million Afghans suffer from drug addiction

Nearly one million Afghans have been suffering from drug addiction, according to a report issued here Saturday.

Drug addiction can never be completely wiped out!

A new study lead by an Indian researcher suggests that even long-term abstinence from cocaine does not result in a complete normalization of brain circuitry.