Seven members of family found dead in Mexico

Several women and children were among the victims, whose throats were cut.

Twenty-eight killed in Mexico violence

At least 28 people were
reported killed in Mexico in the past 24 hours, including seven whose bodies were found in a vehicle in the Pacific resort city of Acapulco.

Five severed heads found in northern Mexican city

Threatening messages were left with the severed heads - a common feature of killings by drug cartels in Mexico.

Bodies identified in Mexico mass slaying

The Zetas and Sinaloa have emerged from years of Mexican drug wars as the largest cartels in the nation.

US dumping criminals at border: Mexican President

Mexican President Felipe Calderon said the US` practice has fuelled violence in Mexico`s border areas.

Mexican cartels hiring common criminals: Official

This hiring tactic was first used by the Mexico`s brutal Zetas drug gang.

Cartels have been weakened: Mexican government

Record drug seizures and other blows have weakened criminal organisations.

Violence targets police, media in Mexico massacre

Mexican officials warn there likely will be more bloodshed in coming months.

Mexican President replaces top security official

Jose Francisco Blake has been appointed as Mexico`s new interior secretary.

Three Mexican cartels join to destroy hit men gang

Three Mexican cartels have joined forces to destroy a gang of hit men that has grown into a feared drug trafficking outfit with reach into Central America.

Illegal tunnel equipped with elevator found in Mexico

Thirteen Mexicans have been arrested for building a clandestine tunnel, which was equipped with an elevator, under the border with the US, authorities said.

Seventeen more people killed in northern Mexico violence

At least 17 people were killed over the weekend in Mexico`s northern state of Chihuahua, including a women`s rights activist in Ciudad Juarez, on the US border, local officials said.

Mexican President says poverty now first priority

Mexican President Felipe Calderon said on Wednesday that the top priority in the second half of his term will be reducing poverty, after the war against drug cartels took centre stage in the first three years of administration.

US targets Afghan drug lords tied to Taliban: Report

The United States has placed 50 suspected Afghan drug traffickers with ties to the Taliban on a Pentagon target list to be captured or killed, The New York Times reported on Monday.

Drug killings soar as Obama heads to Mexico summit

Mexican drug gangs are killing rivals in record numbers in a major setback for the government, which will seek more support from US President Barack Obama when he visits the country this weekend.