Injecting drug users most vulnerable to HIV/AIDS

India has achieved a reduction in overall HIV infections, but injecting drug users remain one of the most vulnerable groups in the country as far as contracting HIV/AIDS is concerned, said a report.

AIDS epidemic`s end by 2030 seen: UN official

A top UN official said the global AIDS epidemic could be over by 2030 because of progress made in treatment and control of the disease.

Heavy internet users can have withdrawal symptoms like drug abusers

Using the internet for long periods of time can cause withdrawal symptoms similar to the `comedown` experienced by drug users, scientists have warned

Russia has five mn drug users: Official

"We have about five million drug users," Viktor Ivanov, head of Russia`s federal drug control service.

Soon, an `interview` to detect drug users

A tool to identify drug users through forensic analysis of their statements has been developed.

50% drug users in Nagaland are IDU: Report

At least 50 per cent drug addicts in
Nagaland are injecting drugs users (IDU) and vulnerable to
HIV/AIDS transmission, the latest report compiled by an NGO
has revealed.